Now that’s more like it.  I thought the team I fell madly in love with the first half of the season had disappeared when Lui suffered his injury set back.  Nice to know that’s not the case.  They just had a brief holiday hibernation.  Sure, the Senators being tired from playing the night before had a part in the result, but there was lots of positives to be had.

The Sedins were put back with Demitra, and apparently they missed each other.  Demitra and Hank scored and had one assist and Danny Sedin had two assists.  I think they should stay together next game.  Demitra broke his five game slump in style.  What a beautiful shot on that breakaway.  Just a perfectly placed shot top shelf.  Gerber didn’t have a chance.  I think I might have done a double take when it was Hank that scored and not Danny.

Sanford got his first ever shutout as a Canuck.  That was really nice to see.  He only had to stop 18 shots, but a few of them were very good scoring chances, like his sliding save on Alfredsson in the first period.  I gave an extra WOOOO for Sanford at the end of the game.

The lack of penalties compared to the past few games was DELIGHTFUL.  They were much more disiplined and they won the game.  For once I didn’t have to hurl horrible insults at Hank Sedin for being a dirty hooker, or call Shane O’Brien a cement head.  Hopefully this will continue next game.  I love that this team is angry and ready for the rough stuff, but in the last few weeks they were taking those needless penalties that were costing them games.  For the few penalties they did take, the penalty kill was very foxy. 

Before Alex Edler’s goal, I was thinking it was one of his best games in a while.  He’s been struggling in his sophomore season, so it was a good thing to see.  His goal was a lovely solo skate almost all the way up the ice, and then a ridiculously hard looking shot that blew right past Gerber.  Edler should skate like that more often.  Maybe this will give him back that quiet little swagger he had going in his rookie season. 

I was getting the Ottawa feed on center ice online, and their guys called Ohlund Matty Ohlund all game.  I don’t think I’ve heard announcers ever call him that.  It was kind of adorable.  Matty Ohlund had quite a strong gane.  He made some nice plays with the puck and had a couple of hits that absolutely crunched some Senators and had me purring.  There’s been several games where he’s been very physical and dishing out the hits.  Just the way I like him.

Ryan Kesler had a very good even though he didn’t get a point.  He was all over the ice and seemed to playing in that extra gear he has sometimes.  Too bad Gerber stopped him on that breakaway.  The boy does have some incredible wheels.  I like that Jannik Hansen was back with Kesler and Burrows.  He just fits there. 

Hordi also stood out to me tonight.  He played his role perfectly with a few huge hits, one drawn penalty, and a very entertaining fight with Chris Neal.  I giggled at the end of the fight when Hordi went to the box with a big crazy grin on his face. 

This was just a really fun game to watch after their recent efforts.  Maybe they’ll get that November swagger back.  Sundin arrives this week, and maybe he’ll give them an extra energy boost even though he won’t play in a game for a while.  Maybe they’ll carry this effort into the game with the Flyers.


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