Hordi The Blogger

Hordichuk has been blogging for Canucks.com this season and his latest one is fabulous.  He gives us the inside scoop on fighting in the NHL, and it couldn’t be more entertaining.  Heh.  I’m thinking of adding him to my list of possible third sweater options.  I do love a hockey player that can also blog.  My favourite part of this blog was probably when he tells us he usually BLACKS OUT during fights. 

After being in almost 100 NHL fights, the fear of squaring off with someone starts to go away but I mean it’s only human to be scared when you’ve got a big 6’5 220-plus pound guy running at you with fists. It’s like swimming towards a shark when you have a bloody nose – scary, right?

The best way I can describe it, I guess is that I feel like I almost blackout in a fight. I don’t really remember too much what happens when it’s happening, I just go in throwing them – almost like I’ve done it so many times, it’s like a routine that I’m just comfortable in.

His whole blog is here and it’s definitely worth a read.  I really like hearing about that “behind the scenes” part of hockey and Hordichuk is a funny guy.  You’re a superstar, Hordi!  Keep up the good work.


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