New Years Mash Up

–   My internet decided to die on me last night, so I couldn’t see most of the Canucks/Flyers game.  I only saw the first period so there will be no in depth analysis from me.  All I can tell you is Jeff Carter is extremely good at hockey.  I can also tell you that Danny Sedin is having a hell of a month and is also very good at hockey.  By the sounds of things, they played well enough to win and probably deserved a better result, but just couldn’t beat Biron at the end.  Going by the highlights, that was a very hott fight between Bieksa and Richards.  I do love when Bieksa fights.

–  I woke up to Sanny being on IR, and the Canucks trading for Jason LaBarbera.  The goalie position on the Canucks this season is a surprise a minute, which I definitely did not expect.  Sigh.  Just when Sanny really started to play well too.  I would guess that Lui’s rehab is still a while away, and they were getting worried that Cory was starting to spend too much time on the bench.  Hopefully both our goalies will be healthy again soon.  LaBarbera is OK, I guess.  He’s a local boy which is nice for him.  Maybe he’ll be excited to play here and raise his play. 

–  Could this team be any more adorable?

Exhibit A) Kevin Bieksa in a Vancouver Sun article.

TOO SEXY FOR HIS SHIRT: Much to his horror — but the delight of teammates — Canuck defenceman Kevin Bieksa was named one of British Columbia’s 10 most beautiful people by a local magazine.

“It must not be a very beautiful province,” Bieksa said. “I want to be rugged, not beautiful — a man’s man.”

Sorry, Bieksa.  This is a face of beauty not ruggedness. 


Exhibit B) Alex Edler in another Vancouver Sun article.

A bashful Edler was coaxed into describing the moment.

“I just wanted to get the puck deep but I had a little opening there and an opportunity to shoot. So I shot it,” he said.  “Bobby Orr? Yeah, I know who he is. I never saw him play but it’s an honour to be mentioned with him, I guess.”

Awwww!  We have a lot of quiet Swedes that don’t really like to talk about themselves, but I think little baby Edler takes the cake.  That was a gorgeous almost end to end goal and he barely talks about it.  Hee.

I also liked Shane O`Brien`s opinion on the goal from that same article.

Edler’s defensive partner Shane O’Brien said he wisely decided to move out of Edler’s way. But he felt the goal resembled the work of a different defenceman.

“It reminded me of a young Mattias Ohlund,” winked O’Brien.

“No, I never scored one like that,” protested Ohlund. “Okay, maybe when I was 10.”

These guys are pretty hard to hate even when they lose. 

–  Canada plays the US at the World Juniors tonight.  It should be a great game.  The US looks to be Canada`s biggest challenge in the drive for 5 this year.  That is a very deep roster.  Hopefully little baby Cody Hodgson has a strong game!  I`m not a big New Years fan so I`ll probably just stay in and watch this game and maybe some movies later.  Go Canada!


6 thoughts on “New Years Mash Up

  1. I was just thinking about you and the world juniors today actually! That is a very tough spot for you to be in. More than anything else the World Juniors make me patriotic, heh. But you also adore your bebeh goalie. Good luck. Don`t feel too bad either way. I will definitely be giving your goalie some love.

  2. Happy New Year to you as well, MJ!!

    I totes miss Ryan Johnson too! He’s quickly become one of my faves. The fourth line and the penalty kill just isn’t the same without him. And he’s so darn nice too.

    Last I heard he should be back in about a week. His finger wasn’t healing and they had to put pins in it or something…

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