Who knew barbies could play goal?

–  Barbie was good.  Very good.  He never really impressed me on the Kings, but he sure was good last night.  How adorable was that interview when he said that playing for the Canucks was a dream of his and he cried for a week when the Canucks lost in 94?  It was very endearing.  I’d be nervous if he were our long term starter, but I think he’ll be fine until Lui gets back.  He was getting a few silly nick names in the FanZone liveblog last night including Barbie and Lady BaBa.  Heh.  They’re not exactly manly and ass kicky.  I hope we never run into him on the street.

–  Matty Ohlund was fantastic tonight.  I think I made noises only dogs can hear when he scored the first goal.  It’s always a fun game when your favourite player that hasn’t scored in ages gets a goal.  His last goal was the shootout winner on Halloween, so it was a long time coming.  I’m still not sure how it went in the net.  It was a very odd shot and bounce.  After the goal he made a few moves in front of the net and looked like he wanted to go for the hat trick.  He was very good defensively too. 

–  The second period was frustrating.  They let Nashville steal back all the momentum amd were lucky to get out of the period tied.  They’re lucky their first and third periods were very good for the most part.

–  They had a ton of chances to gain a big lead on the Predators, but there’s a bunch of our guys right now that can’t seem to buy a goal.  Hopefully this changes soon. 

–  It’s nice to see Jaffary get some results on the score sheet.  I really like him on the fourth line.  It’s a shame Hordi lost his balance.  I thought he had Belak in that fight.

–  Jordin Tootoo is such a little wanker.  Those comments about Burr needing to stand up for himself and take his punishment for that hit on Dumont were very pot meet kettle.  Tootoo always runs around and for the most part only fights guys that aren’t known to be fighters.  Sure, you’re a big tough guy asking Burrows to fight.  Good for Burr for going.  He didn’t win but he didn’t get embarassed either.  Those fans of the opposition that say Burr never fights can suck it.

–  Kes is one tough cookie.  It looked like his shoulder could have been seperated in that hit, but he only missed one shift.  My heart was in my throat for a moment.  Sure, Lui is our best player hands down, but Kes really stirs the drink up front.  An injury to Kes would be very bad. 

–  It was quite an ugly win, but I’ll take it.  The Canucks should beat the Thrashers tonight.  I just hope they don’t get into that old bad habit of playing down to their opposition.  Tonight would be a perfect time for all those guys to break their scoring slumps.  I’ll be liveblogging at the Canucks FanZone  again.  It’s always fun over there.  Come by and say hi.


2 thoughts on “Canucks/Predators

  1. I just read on some Swedish blog that Mr. O. might be wanting $6mil+ a year to stick around and be willing to wave his ntc. This sucks, if true. My heartstrings want him to finish his career with the team that drafted him and stuck by him, and see his number in the rafters. I always love to see him on ice, dishing it out and slipping the smooth move. Norris trophy never figured it out. His job in his declining years was to turn Edler into a “Mini-Him’. I would miss the big herring mop.

  2. Mr. Lewis, I read that too and I’m hoping it was just mistranslated. I would be heartbroken if he left in a trade. He is a really big part of the defence and has helped Edler out a lot. Hopefully they can work something out that both sides are happy with.

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