Skilled Guys Fighting Makes Me Giggle

What a night for Sidney Crosby and Alex Semin last night, huh?  Someone should tell these guys they shouldn’t fight.  Heh.  Sid looked more like he was doing some weird dance move.  Nice of him to go right for the other guy’s sweater while not taking off his visor.  And Alex Semin, well.  It’s kind of fantastic that after mentioning in an interview that girls shouldn’t play hockey, it turns out Mr. Semin fights like a girl.  We probably won’t ever see Crosby and Semin get a fighting major on the same night again.  Might as well enjoy the comedy while we can.

I’m relieved our Canucks for the most part can handle themselves in a fight.  Heh.

It’s Fan Appreciation night against Dallas which should be fun to watch.  I’m a little sad because I would have been at this game with the FanZone people if I had been in Vancouver.  It would be fun to see the Jerseys Off Our Backs live.  Oh well.  Another time.  Matty Ohlund is apparently a-ok and will play tonight.  I was fretting all day yesterday and this morning, so I was really happy to hear the news.  I don’t do well when Matty Ohlund is out of the lineup.  You should be delighted you won’t have to listen to me whine around here.  The Canucks really need to win this one.  I know they’re in 5th, but the teams behind them keep creeping closer.  It’s time they got on a nice roll until Lui gets back and Mats suits up.   Dallas played last night, so hopefully the guys can get on them early and tire them out.  See you at the FanZone liveblog again!

10 thoughts on “Skilled Guys Fighting Makes Me Giggle

  1. oh man Semin’s fight is hilarious!

    But why didn’t Staal fight Ovie, since he was the one with the hit? Maybe he was scared. Semin isn’t much of a fighter.. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen anything like that, and I’ve seen some hockey fights.

  2. Monkeys fight like that. The way he’s been carrying on this year (guess he’s not going to be dissing Crosby any more) I’m pretty sure monkeys are smarter than he is too.

    I hope Luongo comes back fast too – I have him in a pool, sucking up the one IR spot available til he’s back. But not so fast that the Canucks beat the crap out of the Oilers with him. ;)

  3. So I just watched the two vids and learned two things

    1) Sidney Crosby is on a mission to make “Sidney Crosby fights dirty” the most insulting thing you can say about dirt.


    2) Semin’s best place is clearly in the kitchen, and he better be wearing a skirt for the rest of the season.

  4. Thanks, Meg! So am I :) \

    Isn’t it, Sam? My goodness. I think I could fight better than Semin. Heh. I expected him to start pulling Staal’s hair.

    MikeP, yeah. Semin really needs to stop running his mouth. Monkey is a perfect description!

    I heard Lui should be back after the all star break which would be nice. Plenty of time for him to still beat the Oilers ;)

    Zack, word man, word. Maybe someone can send him an apron/mini skirt in Caps colours.

  5. Guess it was the backup, or the backup backup, or the new #1, and the old vets didn’t steal Edmonton’s lunch money, but that didn’t help much.

    Well, as much as I like Ohlund, watching him get one-punched by Souray was amusing, he had it coming, and damnit, I need to take my victories where I can, since it obviously won’t be on the scoreboard any time soon. :)

  6. I’m confused what the goalies are classified as these days as well. Heh.

    And, Ohlund was definitely overmatched there. I thought he might have had a chance right at the beginning, he looked like he got a couple of good punches in, but then it was all over. Souray has a killer punch. HA. But I was proud of him for going anyways :) Ohlund and Cole just HATE each other now.

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