Monday Recap

–  I hate the shootout.  I HATE the shootout.  I’m extremely grouchy I had to sit through back to back shootouts.

–  Barbie is still very good.  I keep expecting him to slow down (Sorry Barbie) but so far so good.  That one save he made was outrageous.  Like top ten saves of the year type good.  Living his dream and playing for the Canucks has given him so damn good mojo or something.

–  I was proud of Wellwood (or Happy Meals as I like to call him) in this game.  He crashed the net for his first goal like he was a bite sized power forward and he scored in the shootout.

–  I HATE the shootout.

–  Ryan Kesler’s goal in the shootout was tres hott.  That little leg kick he did was so sassy.  It should have been the game winner.  Stupid Modano.  I thought Barbie had that one, and then it just slipped by at the very last moment.

–  Bernier, Wellwood, and Raymond really played well after getting called out by le coach. 

–  Mats is probably playing Wednesday or perhaps Friday against the Blues.  So says the rumour.  I’ve convinced myself that Lui and Mats are going to play their first game back together, and then somehow they’ll collide with each other and something will happen with a skate blade and then they will both be out for the season. (Welcome to the mind of a Canucks fan).  But I am excited for Wednesday or Friday all the same.

–  I love that makeshift 4th line right now.  Hordi is going to want a raise the way he’s been scoring and Jaffary and Bolduc look really good filling in while Ryan Johnson has been out.  One of them will be sent back down when the injured guys come back, which is kind of too bad, but I’m sure we’ll see them again eventually. 

–  Seriously, I don’t think I hate anything more than the shootout.  My team is sooooo bad at them.  Bettman should watch my team in the shootout for hours in his office, until his little commish eyes can’t take it anymore, and then he will understand the horror and get rid of it forever.

–  I wish one of the Canucks had punched that little punk Riberio in the face after Barbie had made that fantastic save and Riberio repeatedly hacked at his glove.  Not to promote violence of course, but ooooh that had me mad.

–  Ryan Walter should have the Canucks (and the rest of the coaching staff) take remedial lessons from this guy after they finish the circle of trust. 


They apparently can’t count to five since they lead the league in two many men penalties.  I don’t think anything makes me more crazy than that stupid two many men penalty.  Especially when it eventually leads to a 5 on 3 and a tying goal for the other team.  I know boys, math is hard.  But the Count can help. 

–  Just a thought, boys, that maybe on FAN APPRECIATION NIGHT you might want to win.  You know, to actually fully appreciate your fans.  Just putting that out there.  At least seeing you guys take the jerseys off your backs made me cheer right up.  Something about that UnderArmour stuff is very…nice.  You’re covered up, but not.  Yeah, I got a little hot around the collar.  You guys are fit, OK.  I have a pulse.  What’s a girl supposed to do?  Anyways, where was I?  Right… hockey…blogging…losing games.

–  This little mini slump has been annoying, but the truth is they’re hanging in there.  I was convinced they had slid down to 12th or something because it seems like they haven’t gone on a good roll in ages, but strangely they’re still in 5th.  Everyone else must suck just as much.  Big Baldy will be in the lineup any day now, most of the worst travel in the schedule is over, injured guys are getting ready to come back, and the Sedins are on an a crazy roll, so signs point to them getting on a really nice roll soon.  We just have to be patient.  Wednesday against the Oilers should be fun!


2 thoughts on “Monday Recap

  1. Willie smiled at me!! During warmup!! XDDDDDDDD He was skating by and.. I couldn’t control the amount of love for Willie I banged on the glass and went “GO WILLIE!!” he heard me and looked back at me and smiled~~~~~~~~~~~ XDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!

    (Then Burrows shot the puck at us twice. Intentionally. It fucking hurt my left ear drums. I hate taht kid now. I was asking my friend “How do you say “YOU SUCK” in french?” LOL)

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