It’s the Cody Show

Sweden Canada Junior Worlds Hockey

Canada won Gold last night and it was beautiful.  They saved their best game for last.  I don’t cry a lot, but the one thing that always does it is those kids standing at center ice with their gold medals singing Oh Canada off key.  Those patriotic feelings come to the surface and I get all Canada fuck yeah and the tears start flowing.  Anyways, I’ve been talking up little baby draft pick Cody Hodgson for months to anyone that will listen, and now his awesomeness is very well spread.  He was an absolute beast in this whole tournament and was the points leader.  Pat Quinn used him in all situations and he didn’t disappoint.  He had three points in the gold medal game.  Plus he’s just an absolute doll in interviews and seems to have so much character/leadership/heart.  I’m still pinching myself that Cody Hodgson is a Canucks draft pick.  Next year should be fun!

Right from the coach’s mouth.

 “He’s the best,” Quinn said. “I shouldn’t say that, because we had a lot of good guys tonight. But he’s a leader. He’s smart. He’s a guy you depend on in key situations and he usually comes through.

“I had no doubt at any time about using him. I sent him out for key faceoffs. He lost a couple but he still knows where to go when he loses them.

“But I can’t say enough about the young man, both as a young man and how he approaches playing this game.”

Bob McKenzie thought he was the MVP of the tournament

Puck Daddy gave him 1st star of the night.

Globe and Mail article about his quiet star performance.

He proves his worth in the Vancouver Province.

I can’t wait until he start lighting it up in Vancouver and I can tell people “I saw him drafted live!”  Do you think it’s too early to order a Hodgson sweater?


9 thoughts on “It’s the Cody Show

  1. Hodgson was hands down the best player in the tournament. Not to take anything away from Tavares, but Hodgson was the complete package, playing every shift in a manner that had me seeing shades of Linden circa 94… We really have a gem in this kid and I can’t wait to see him in Blue & Green

  2. Hee! Zack, you should totes write to Hockey Canada about this! That sounds delightful.

    Sarah, we really have :) Thank goodness the Islanders were so silly and didn’t take him. And well, you love hockey so much you’re like an honourary Canadian. Heh.

    Kent, I totally agree. Tavares was the flashy goal scorer, and he was outstanding, but Cody did all the little things 5 on 5/power play/penalty kill. We’ve got a special one here for sure.

  3. There is nothing like watching Canada win the WJCs. It’s only fitting given how much of a tradition it is in the country to watch the games. Are you going next year? I’ll be there for the first time since 2005!

  4. I loved the Swedish head coach’s comments.. about “Sweden creates hockey players, Canada creates winners.” (or something along the line)

    And I am so proud of Cody. He was so good defensively, and his snipe of a shot on the PP was just wonderful. Wow.

    Dude.. the moment Cody picks a number as a Canuck, I’m getting his jersey.

  5. Sweet! Kirsten, I’m so excited.

    Rinslet, I missed that quote. That is SOOO awesome.

    Yeah, I loved that shot. Hard and high and BOOM! in the back of the net. I loved him on the PK too, especially in the gold medal game. He just does all those little things very well.

    Awesome! We’ll be twinsies with our Hodgson sweaters!

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