After I practically gushed about you guys in my last post, you lay out that suck fest against the Blues?  I mean, I didn’t watch you.  Thank goodness.  I had other actual real life social things to do.  So I guess I should thank you for picking a night to blow chunks when I couldn’t actually watch, but honestly.  Even the highlights were lame.  The Blues are currently in LAST place in the conference.  The Tavares sweepstakes will be within their grasp.  They have so many guys injured our injuries look like a cake walk in comparison.  No offence meant to the Blues, but this is a team you should BEAT.  EASILY. 

Let’s recap shall we?  So far this season you’ve lost to

  • The Islanders
  • The Thrashers
  • The Blues

That is not a good game plan to get into the playoffs.  It’s not very “We’re ready to knock heads with the Wings/Sharks/Bruins in seven games” of you.  So yeah, until you guys get your shit together consistently, I’m writing you more hate mail than love letters because as we’ve all learned that clearly doesn’t work.

Jannik Hansen’s goal was an absolutely gorgeous shot and was all, “Send me down to Manitoba, will you GILLIS? Suck on that!”  Heh. 

You little brats better play a million times better against the Sharks or it will be ugly city.  If the Blues can throw 6 goals at you, just think what the Sharks can do.  *Shudder*


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