Well, at least the effort against the Sharks was about a million times better than against the Blues.  But it’s still a loss.   They still missed out on two points which would really help them in keeping pace with the rest of the conference.  Between the two back to back games they had a chance to get within a point of Calgary, and they got nothing.  The Flames are in first with 5 points over the Canucks and while they’re still in 5th, that’s not going to last long if they keep losing games. 

For the most part they outplayed the Sharks, at least in the first 2 periods, which is a good sign, but Boucher was good in goal, and the Sharks got two lucky goals that went off skates.  Wellwood’s goal was just an inch away from counting, and you could see that the Canucks just weren’t gettting the bounces.  Then again, if you’re a good team you’re going to get lucky, and the Sharks are good.  The Canucks couldn’t get anything going in the third because the Sharks are so good with the lead and every little mistake they made in the third led to the Sharks taking this game away.  A much better effort than that December embarrassment, but the fact is the Canucks just can’t beat the Sharks, and that is not reassuring for the playoffs.  If they can’t even beat them once how are they going to beat them in a best of seven?  We can only hope the playoffs will be different. 

Sanford was not very good.  I like Sanford, and I know he had a long rest, but it just wasn’t good enough.  The two deflection goals he had no chance on, but Grier’s was an awful goal to give up.  Especially when the Canucks were tied and had a chance.  I have no idea what he was doing skating out of his net on the Sharks last goal.  The initial mistake was a bad one by Edler, but he might have been able to save it if he had just stayed in his net.

Maybe the Canucks take this one if Lui was in net.  Maybe not.  Who knows.  But it sure is frustrating watching them give away these games with badly timed penalties or careless turnovers.  You can’t win em all, but they’re not running away with anything if this continues.

At least shots of the crowd cheered me up.  Those Welcome “Mats” signs and the 2 Sedins 1 Cup sign were brilliant!  Well done, you clever Vancouver fans, well done.

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