And On the Seventh Day, The Fans Of Vancouver Danced In The Streets And Drank Many Beer In His Honour

Check this out.  The goalie is healed.  From the Vancouver Sun.

I pounded it pretty hard and the groin is feeling fine,” said Luongo. “We pretty much explored everything today. There were some broken plays where you kind of had to react and kick your leg out and be in a bit of a vulnerable position and I didn’t have any problems. So that’s really encouraging. I’m really happy with the way things went.”

That’s what she said!  To the bolded part.  Sorry, not the important information in that quote.  But can I get a HELL YEAH!  Now the real fun can start.  El Capitano is back and they can get back to kicking the NW division’s ass.  They’re struggling right now, but this team is good enough to not do that for long.  Hockey players must be just like us and get the January blahs.  I suppose there’s no way Gillis can order Lui not to go to the washed up sorry excuse for all star game, huh?  Sure, it’s exciting that it’s in his home town, and I know he’s “honoured”, but…what if he injures himself again on a meaningless save on a Daniel Sedin all star spot stealer Keith Khachuk shot?  He should just kick back with the fam.  Enjoy his other hobbies and such.  Oh how I’ve missed hearing “Great save, Luongo!”  Soon I will hear that siren song again.  Drinks all around!

Oh and congrats should go to little Macey Raymond for making the Young Stars game for the sophomore side.  Looks like the NHL actually remembered we have players other than Lui.  Too bad they didn’t get all my memos about Jannik Hansen for the rookie side though.  Meanies.


5 thoughts on “And On the Seventh Day, The Fans Of Vancouver Danced In The Streets And Drank Many Beer In His Honour

  1. lol you are as bad as my mate Alison for turning hockey commentary and IR reports into some sort of soft porn

    her particular favourite was “he went in hard at a sharp angle”

    but there were many more

    she could see smut in the most innocent of comments, I admired/envied her for it :D

    Back on topic, fab news about Lu!!! :D

  2. Maybe it’s cause I’m a guy, but that bolded part made me think he went to a doctor’s office, and then was punched in the nuts non-stop for 30 minutes, which doesn’t sound fun at all.

  3. BWHAHA works for me, wrap.

    Sarah, I am so bad for that. I swear I’m like 12 every time I watch a hockey game.

    Zack, I’m so sorry my blog led you to that awful mental image. And I hope that’s not what happened to my goalie. Heh.

    Zandberg, that was SO funny! Tommy is such a crazy dude.

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