Bowness Should Start Carrying A Whip

Apparently Rick Bowness is getting as irritated with the Canucks recent play as the rest of us, and absolutely tore a strip off them at practice.  He was saying such awful things that Kevin Bieksa hoped there were no kids in the stands.  Bow always seems so sweet and cheerful but I guess the Canucks can make anyone snap.  Am I horrible person since this made me giggle out loud?  It’s not like I want them to be yelled at all the time, it’s just sometimes they deserve it.  Hopefully they’ll be good and chastened and put out a good effort against the Devils tonight.  I know this team is way better than they’re showing, so I just want them to get back on track. 


Skate you bastards! Skate! No more trips to IKEA! If you think we’re going to the Swedish Touch Massage Parlour you’re stupider than you look!

For a while now I’ve been calling Matty Ohlund Alex Edler’s hockey daddy, and I’ve wanted Edler to be paired with Ohlund since he’s struggled a bit.  That probably won’t happen until Sami Salo is back, but it turns out me calling him his hockey daddy isn’t too far from the truth.  I love when my silly ideas are somewhat right.  From the Vancouver Sun article about AV’s coaching.  It’s just all kinds of adorable.

He related to the coaches how interesting pairings in the dressing room can have a much greater impact than anything a coach says or does. Take, for example, defenceman Alex Edler, who looks up to fellow Swedish defenceman Mattias Ohlund. Edler listens to Ohlund. If Vigneault wants something from “Eddie,” he will often work through Ohlund to get it.

AV also said he meets with 4 or 5 players every month to make sure there’s nothing bad happening in the dressing room.  Heh.  I wonder who the players are?  Probably the alternates and Lui.  This team always mentions how well everyone gets along, so I wonder what kind of stuff the players are “policing”. 

It sounds like Taylor Pyatt is the most recent winner of the Big Baldy sweepstakes and will skate with him and Mason Raymond tonight.  Two huge guys with the itty bitty speedy guy?  It might work.  Demitra was supposedly skating on the 4th line with Hordi and Johnson.  Just another day in Canucks land. 

The Devils are my favourite team in the East, so I’m really looking forward to this game.  I had it circled on the schedule at the start of the season, but I would have never guessed both the Canucks and the Devils would be playing without their superstar goalies.  The Devils are in a slump too, so it might be the battle of who can suck less, but come out for the fun anyways.  Check out the fabulous Interchangeable Parts  for your Devils perspective and come by and say hi in the Canucks FanZone.



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