Spinning Tires

I can’t believe that’s what the effort was after getting screamed at by the coaches.  Sure, they tried to come back in the third, but too little too late.  I can’t keep watching this.  I mean I will, because somehow I’ve become pathetically devoted, but I won’t like it.  The players need to put out a better effort, but it’s just becoming more and more obvious AV isn’t getting it done as the coach.

–  He talks about the guys needing to find chemistry, but then he juggles his lines every 5 minutes.  I’m sorry, has it worked yet?  I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Kesler and Burrows and the Sedins have been our most consistent fowards.  They’ve skated together for ages and gained chemisty and it’s paid off.  Bernier has looked the best he has all season when he was left to skate with Kes and Burr.  And so on.  Nobody else really gets a long enough chance to develop chemistry.

–  They’ve been the most penalized team in the league this season, and close to the top the last two seasons.  Is Vancouver always collecting goons?  Well maybe, but it also most likely leads back to the coach. 

–  This season the Canucks are leading the league in 2 many men penalties, and game to game we see them giving up prime scoring chances with bad line changes.  AV mentioned that it’s because the team can’t tell Hank and Danny Sedin apart.  That’s weak.  While it did make me giggle, how do you explain all the times when the Sedins aren’t changing?  Again, I’m sorry.  That’s something the coaching staff should be able to figure out.

–  He wants Wellwood and Demitra to be held accountable, and moves them to the 4th line when they’re not producing goals.  I don’t want any guy to get a free ride, but it’s also insanely obvious that Wellwood and  Demitra can’t play their type of game with Hordichuk and Johnson.  It’s just a waste of time.  Then on the other hand, how does Pyatt go from missing 10 games with injury to skating with Sundin?  No offence meant to Pyatt, who I really do like, but he didn’t exactly earn that assignment.  AV is getting a bit of a double standard, even though he always says he plays the guys that most deserve the ice time. 

–  The Canucks breakout makes me want to gouge my eyes out.  Yes, they don’t have a true puck moving defenceman, but there are guys that can do a pretty good job, like Bieksa or Edler.  How has it been consistently terrible for so long?

–  Of course this team will improve by getting Captain Lui back and once Big Baldy gets into true game shape, but they have to stop this slump almost immediately or they’re going to miss the playoffs.  Again.  This team is much more talented than the version of two years ago and last year.  We’ve seen the way they can play in October and November.  If the Canucks miss the playoffs again, AV won’t have the excuses he had last year.

–  Something is off in the world when I actually agree with Tony Gallagher of all people.  Be afraid, be very afraid.

The question you have to ask yourself after Tuesday’s pitiful performance is whether this pratfall –the sixth loss in the last seven home games — was just another example of circus-like goaltending behind an increasingly shaky team or whether this team is tuning out its coaches?

Is it any surprise that the players who have come through this Luongo-less stretch the best have been Alex Burrows and Ryan Kesler and the Sedin twins, all of whom have escaped the endless line juggling?

What the Canucks have now is a sea of forwards lacking in confidence and a group which appears to be questioning the system in its own zone.

I’m really sad to see Sanny on waivers.  He didn’t run away with the job when Lui was out, and he frustrated me at times, but I don’t think he was obviously worse then Barbie.  It’s not like he was going to play more than a few games from now on anyways.  He seemed like such a great teammate, and I think he was a good guy to have in the room.  I’ll miss him, but maybe he gets to play more somewhere else.


2 thoughts on “Spinning Tires

  1. Well, maybe they should suggest one of the Sedins to wear a fake mustache or a pirate eye patch so that they can tell them apart on the bench. Or they could paint big numbers on their back. Oh, wait…

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