A New Approach

OK, so that Coyotes game has to be rock bottom, eh?  Six consecutive losses at home.  That ties a franchise record set in the Canucks first season by the way.  It’s just hard to know what to say anymore.  I’ve been leaning towards firing the coach, but Gillis and Matty Ohlund defended the coaching staff today, so maybe that’s not the answer. 

“Listen, everyone is here because I brought them in so the responsibility is mine.  We’re at the point in this where we can get emotional and we can get angry and we can start pointing fingers,” said Gillis.  “Instead, my approach is that we’re going to be more analytical, we’re going to boil it down, and we’re going to work hard.”

“To suggest that the same coach that people were saying has changed his style – the team plays great, everyone’s happy – a month and a half ago should now be replaced, is nonsense,” Gillis added.  “It’s all of our responsibilities, it isn’t just Alain’s, and that’s how we’re going to approach it.” (TSN)


“No, it’s not about the coaching staff,” said Mattias Ohlund. “We have a great coaching staff, they don’t play the game. We obviously get instructions on how to play, but it’s up to the guys on the ice to perform. It’s pretty tough to look around the room right now and find a lot of guys that are playing well or playing up to their potential. This league is just way too hard to play in when you don’t have everyone playing at their best.” (Canucks Report)

Yelling at them in practice didn’t work either.  The truth is, they have absolutely zero confidence right now.  Zippo.  Nada.   They can barely skate, or make a pass, let alone set up a dangerous offensive rush, and every little mistake they make is costing them.  They’re sure as heck not having any fun.  Clearly they all need a self esteem boost to turn things around.  It’s like they feel like the ugly girl at the school dance.  Don’t feel that way, boys.  You’re very pretty!  And talented.  If I were the Captain of the basketball team, I would totally give you my varsity jacket, and take you to the movies, and want you to make me cookies and everything.  Those Sharks and Bruins just don’t understand me the way you guys do. 

Dear Danny,

You’re having a fab season! If I were in charge of the All Star game you would have been going instead of that loser Keith Kthachuk.  Remember to just shoot the puck!

XOXO Humming Giraffe

Dear Hank,

I think you’re just as good at passing as Sid the Kid.  But don’t be afraid to get your goals into the double digits either. 

XOXO Humming Giraffe

Dear Kyle,

I think you’re super duper smart, and I like how you read a bunch.  Not all hockey players do that.  Keep roofing the puck when you get the chance.  Oh and every time I call you Happy Meals, I mean it affectionately.

XOXO Humming Giraffe

Dear Mats,

Bald is beautiful!  I like when you knock over defenders one handed.  Please get in more shoving encounters with Oilers.  It makes me giggle.  Oh, and don’t feel like you need to spend every game in the box. 

XOXO Humming Giraffe

Dear Kevin,

Your skating is very nice.  I adore when you fight.  You can get back to playing the way you were in November, I know you can.

XOXO Humming Giraffe

Dear Steve,

Calling you Big Bear makes me happy.  I love listening to you give interviews.  You’ve been an absolute beast on the checking line lately.  You’re already at 10 goals and you had 16 the entire last season!

XOXO Humming Giraffe

Dear Ryan (J),

I missed you while you were injured.  Your shot blocking is totes hott.  You haven’t been nicknamed Balls in the Canucks FanZone liveblogs for nothing.  I hope you’ve fallen in love with Vancouver.

XOXO Humming Giraffe

Dear Alex,

You’re having such a great season!  I’m so proud of you!  Please keep giving interviews, because I like your accent.  Enjoy that raise when you get it. 

XOXO Humming Giraffe

Dear Ryan (K),

I can’t believe what a bargain you are.  Thank goodness Nonis matched that offersheet.  That “A” looks really good on you.  Please feel free to always use that sassy kick move in the shootout.

XOXO Humming Giraffe

Dear Matty,

You’re my very first favourite player.  Your sweater was the first one I bought.  Please keep making the highlight hit reel.  And try to help little baby Edler.  You always make me smile.  Oh and pretty please just sign a contract like right now?  Thx!

XOXO Humming Giraffe

Dear Roberto,

I’m so glad your man part wasn’t broken forever.  It is my deepest longing that this team will learn how to play in front of you again and win you something worthwhile.  Nice hair cut.  Keep being awesome!

XOXO Humming Giraffe

Dear Darcy,

Don’t “black out” too badly that you can’t keep writing delightful blogs for Canucks.com.  Your dogs are adorable.  Don’t be afraid to keep scoring. 

XOXO Humming Giraffe

Dear Jannik,

I hope you don’t get sent down to Manitoba ever again.  Those goals are going to start going in for you soon, I just know it.  Have fun playing with Mats!  Keep up with the foxy forechecking.

XOXO Humming Giraffe

Dear Pavol,

Please keep playing well with Mats so you don’t have to go back on the 4th line.  It’s cute how you always talk about how awesome Vancouver is!  Maybe you could start a bald is beautiful club with Mats!

XOXO Humming Giraffe

Dear Shane,

You’ve been really trying to cut down on your penalties, and I applaud that.  I really like watching you fight.  I’m glad we traded for you.  Hope to see your first goal soon!

XOXO Humming Giraffe

Dear Mason,

I could watch you skate all day.  Please start scoring again.  I think it’s neat you started out as a prairie farm boy!

XOXO Humming Giraffe

Dear Willie,

Keep smiling.  I think you really deserved that “A”.  It’s delightful you’ve already matched your career year with points.  You might have to get a shorter stick at this rate ;)

XOXO Humming Giraffe

Dear Taylor,

You’re really tall.  And pretty.  I like your skills as a penalty killer.  Hopefully you can start scoring again and really stick with the twins for a while. 

XOXO Humming Giraffe

Dear Sami,

Please come back made from titanium.  I miss your shot on the power play.  I adore watching you play when you’re healthy.  It is my biggest wish that one day this will happen for a whole season.  I hope to learn more about Finland!

XOXO Humming Giraffe

Dear Rob,

I like that you’re so darn friendly in interviews.  Oh and it amused me GREATLY that you admitted to reading the Twilight series on the video podcast.  Hope to see more of you after the all star break.

XOXO Humming Giraffe

Dear Jason,

I’m fully confident you can be an awesome bench warmer for Lui.  Your interview saying you cried for a week when the Canucks lost in ’94 was adorable.  I hope you don’t mind having such a girlie nick name such as Barbie.

XOXO Humming Giraffe

Dear Lawrence,

I always have to use my brain when I spell your full name.  You skate very nicely.  I’m sorry I haven’t got to know you better.  Maybe you’ll get to play more soon.

XOXO Humming Giraffe

Dear Mike,

That was very nice of you to give up number 13 to Mats.  Hopefully the guys got you a nice gift.  Bitchin beard you got going on by the way.

XOXO Humming Giraffe.


2 thoughts on “A New Approach

  1. For all the flack O’Brien got for taking the most penalties..it’s so lame. How many of them were fighting majors from early in the season. IT’s a skewed stat. OB doesn’t get enough appreciation for how physical and stable he is in his own zone.

    Nice post. A positive approach. Let’s be patient. This team will turn it around, and I think that Gillis’ speech supporting Vigneault was a good one. It kind of weathered the storm.

    Geez, you really love Ohlie don’t ya? Hilarious!

  2. Sean, yeah I like that O’Brien was always quick to defend his teammates. It just seems like he started to get those “reputation” calls, and people freaked out about how many he was taking.

    It’s interesting that all the guys have been saying in the last couple of days that they want to take MORE penalties to get out of this slump. Not the silly hooking/holding calls, but the fighting/roughing ones. Make it hard to play against them again. I kind of agree.

    Gillis is a really smart dude. He knows what he’s doing. I think we just have to start saying “In Gillis we trust.” Heh.

    And yes, I am very fond of Ohlie. :D

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