Confidence, My Pretties

The Canucks get set to face the surging Blue Jackets tonight, in the middle of their biggest slump of the season.  Not exactly joy inducing.  The Blue Jackets have a rookie of the year candidate in goal and have a chance to make the playoffs for the first time in franchise history.  It’s a pretty cool story actually, but I just don’t want it to be the Canucks spot they take, ya know?  So, this is a good time as any to stop losing.  Tonight is the Canucks 3000th regular season game, so why not show some damn pride and get a convincing win in this special game, eh?  3000 games is pretty damn cool.  I’ve only been a serious fan for oh…210 regular season games and 12 playoff games, though I hope the next 3000 games I see are even better than the first 3000.  I’m totally going to be one of those crazy crotchety old lady fans that whine to their kids that they’ve seen thousands of Canucks games without seeing them win the Cup and no one can match their suffering.  Heh.

I rode horses for years.  Competed and jumped things and everything.  When my horse and I struggled, and couldn’t do anything right, we went back to the basics.  You lowered the jump height.  You took it one jump at time.  One turn at a time.  That’s what the Canucks have to do tonight.  Lui just has to make that save on the first shot.  They just have to get a nice pass up the boards out of the zone.  Hordi and the fourth liners just have to finish their checks.  Burr and Kes and O’Brien should play their rough game and worry about the penalties later.  I mean, I don’t want them taking a poor Jacket’s head off, but don’t give them an easy game either. 

So yeah, all I’m saying is, they can get that confidence back, they can get that old swagger where they thought they could play with anyone in the league back.  They just need one good play, one good shift, one good period, and they’re on their way.  This team is too good to be left out of the playoffs completely.  I’m not ready to call them a contender, but if they missed the show altogether, that would be a huge disappointment.

Happy Meals is back in.  He gets to play with Demo and Big Baldy.  Pyatt’s with the twins.  Big Bear stays with Kes and Burr and Hansen gets the 4th line spot with Hordi and Balls.  Raymond is the healthy scratch, which you kind of saw coming.  He’s looked very good at times, but not recently.  Any of these lines are able to do some damage.  Let’s hope they decide to click tonight.

Oh and just in case you didn’t know, Mike Gillis is a total badass.  I’m contemplating getting Gillis tattooed on my bicep.  Heh.  From the Vancouver Province.

There was Canucks’ general manager Mike Gillis roaming the GM Place halls.

He wasn’t hiding. No, he was as blithesome as you will ever see him, embracing the situation.

Grinning wryly and armed with his acerbic wit, he revelled, as he sometimes does, in needling reporters.

He gets such a kick from the hyperbolic media. His personality comes alive any time someone doubts him. It brings out his best.

“Our sports psychologist is here, just let me know if any of you need to talk to him,” he joked.

So remember boys, you’re all pretty and wonderful and talented and if you win tonight I’ll bake you some brownies or cupcakes or something.


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