Just So We’re Clear…

So, you guys are never going to win again?  It’s cool.  I just wanted to know what the plan was.  Enjoy the All Star break!

I missed the game last night.  It was my buddy’s birthday and all.  You know, sometimes I have to go and be social.  And I have a feeling it was infinitely more fun than watching another freakin loss to the Sharks.  Going by the highlights, yes, it was a closer game than the 5-0 and 4-2 losses.  Although looking at the stats pack, how on EARTH did they have only 8 shots TOTAL on net the first two periods?!?!  I’m sorry, I thought we were promised more exciting hockey this season.  It’s kind of why Nonis was fired, eh?  Yes, Lui looked godly once again, which is a huge plus.  But from what I’ve been able to gather, the Canucks were trapping as soon as they got their first goal.  For the whole game.  Against the bloody Sharks.  One of the very best teams in the league.  Somehow, I think that is going to backfire considering all you have is a ONE goal lead.  You really have to start wondering why AV still has a job. 

Well here we are then.  Going into the all star break, this is what it looks like for our dearly beloved team. 

  • A six game losing streak
  • Seven consecutive home losses
  • 8 out of a possible 20 points in January so far
  • The proud owners of the 8th and final playoff spot with oh about four teams only a few points behind them with games in hand

Didn’t we do this last season?  Didn’t I already take five years off my life with the amount of drinking I accomplished in their meltdown last March?  I don’t want to miss the playoffs again.  I don’t want to watch this team trapping and floundering themselves down the standings.  What happened to that insanely fun team that forechecked like they were on speed, and held on to the puck, and hit anything that moved, and could skate with anyone in the league that we saw in most of October and November?  Do I need to send out an SOS or the bat symbol? (Sorry, I finally watched Dark Knight the other day)  But seriously, the Canucks are like a terrible, terrible, boyfriend.  They keep pulling me back in and promising they’ll change.  I deserve better!  If things don’t change, I might have to start playing hard to get and make eyes at those teams in a secure playoff spot.  That Lucic is a local boy…and that Patty Marleau sure is fetch…

2 thoughts on “Just So We’re Clear…

  1. In watching the game, I thought the ‘nucks had played well, carried the play, and shut the Sharks down. I even thought that the quote of 8 shots had to be wrong so I hit rewind on my PVR to prove a point. Instead, I now saw that there always seemed to be 5 Canuck players lined up on the defensive blue line.

    How I missed that, I have no idea. But I agree – how is playing the 5 man trap, or left wing lock, or whatever the in term is offensive hockey? Or was Gillis referring to offensive hockey in a manner that I would want to plug my nose at the smell of it? That could have been it…

  2. Chris, I didn’t actually get a chance to watch this game except for highlights, so you were probably right about the Canucks carrying the play.

    But yeah, the 8 shots were troubling. I just don’t think you’re going to win many games doing that, unless the other goalie is a seive. Personally, I don’t mind when I see the trap late in the third period, but before that it kind of bugs me.

    Maybe they’re getting on the right track…we’ll just have to wait and see after the all star break.

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