Deep All Star Weekend Thoughts

–  It was nice to see that Lui seemed to really enjoy the All Star weekend.  Even though I was terrified he was going to hurt his man part again, it was cool that he was able to go.  He was pretty funny when he was miced up.  Oh and whoever gave him his new haircut deserves a medal.  The short curls are so much better than that long drug dealer thing he had going on last year.  He’s looking very fetch.  Even Joe Thorton told E! that Lui was hot.  Heh.



–  I liked how they decided to let the young stars take part in the skills stuff this year.  Mason Raymond kind of slipped and bailed out of the fastest skater, but I think it was worth it to get to see Lui comfort him afterwards.  So adorable.  Hopefully scoring in the YoungStars game will transfer to regular NHL games.  I was kind of starting to think he was never going to score again. 


84302755MH138_NHL_YoungstarGood shirt choice.


–  Zdeno Chara has totally stolen my heart.  How completely awesome and adorable was it that he turned the hardest shot into a charity thing?  He seems to be classy and smart and all those good things you want NHLers to be.  I was sold when he came out in that little tassled toque.  So fantastic. 


84301065CP077_Honda_NHL_SupYou go, Big Guy!


–  I knew absolutely nothing about Jay Bouwmeester before the All Star game except for the fact that he is pretty damn good at hockey and everyone wants to trade for him/sign him in free agency.  He’s actually delightfully nerdy and seems shy and intoverted which is kind of cool.  As someone who is naturally introverted and used to be crazy shy, I can relate to him, ya know?  Much more than say Ovechkin or someone.  I don’t think Gillis has the bills for him, but I sure wouldn’t say no.


84301079CP007_NHL_Live_WestHe would be such a good lab partner.

I’ve been making sneaky eyes at Luke Schenn all season.  He’s all kinds of adorable.  I mean take his pretty face, and his overall prairie nice polite boyness(We raise them right in Saskatchewan. Heh) , and I bet he’s beating off the girls in Toronto with a stick. 


84291188MH027_NHL_YoungstarJust makes me want to smile too

84302755MH100_NHL_YoungstarDaammmn. Very good at hockey.

–  Vinny Lecavalier can work an old man sweater like no one else.  And I would stay away from Montreal as long as I could if I were him.  Those peeps are scary, yo.  Awesome.  But scary. 


84390969CP118_NHL_Live_WestWork it, Vinny.  


– Does anyone want to bet on whether or not the Canucks will start winning again?  They do have a good record against the Predators recently… and this little website here tells us that the Canucks have a 52% chance of making the playoffs.  WOOOO!  That’s a passing grade!  H/T to Earl Sleek from BoC  for the link.




5 thoughts on “Deep All Star Weekend Thoughts

  1. I’m so glad so many more people are confessing love for Luke Schenn. I can feel less like a creeper. When we were watching him a post draft interview I was like “Hhheeeyyy there, how’s it go-OMG HE’S LIKE 18, STOP!” Although! I discovered he’s not a 1990 baby but a late 1989 baby which for some reason made me feel a lot better about thinking… um, “impure” thoughts about him.

  2. awwwwww look at leetle meester Bouwmeester awwwwwwwwww

    there must be something wrong with me, I fancy him way more than all the hotties!

    (it’s no secret that my “helllloooooo Ryan Kesler!!!” moment was the photo of him on the plane with his specs on playing chess on his laptop :) I wish he’d wear them more often in public, vain boy)

  3. Thanks for the link, wrap! That was a great post.

    Anne, Luke Schenn is friends with my cousins, and I’ve met him once before, so I feel like even more of a creep. He’s very nice. But yeah, I should not be crushin on him. At all. Heh.

    Sarah, hockey players and glasses get me every time too. I was kind of heartbroken when Trev Linden got his eyes fixed so he didn’t need them any more. Matty always wears contacts too, I think. He should wear glasses more. And I agree. Kes should wear his glasses constantly :D

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