8 Little Losses In a Row 9 Little Losses At Home


I love Ryan Kesler times a million.  Oh and Matty Ohlund’s pass to spring Kes on a breakaway was beauuutifulll.  That’s about all I got.

This was probably one of the better losses by the sounds of things?  Sigh.  I guess that’s what I’ve come to.  Ranking losses.  Does anyone even remember what winning feels like?  I’ll be cuddling up to my friends Jose and the Captain if you guys need me…

Eventually they’ll get out of this and it will all be worth it.  We’ll laugh about this epic losing streak when April rolls around.  Fingers crossed.


5 thoughts on “8 Little Losses In a Row 9 Little Losses At Home

  1. I totally feel ya. Last year the Sabres went on a 10 game winless streak from December into January, but they managed to come out of it and the Canucks can too!

  2. eyebleaf, hopefully you’re lucky. :)

    Anne, thanks. That’s good to hear. I just hope they come out of it in time to make the playoffs.

    Kent, you mean you’re a Canucks fan and you don’t already excessively drink? I’m shocked. Heh.

    Zack, yes this is true. They do. But they’ve already lost to the Blues, Islanders, and Thrashers. I’m not sure if the Kings will help us. Hee.

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