WOOOOOOOOOO! Busting the Losing Streak!

Ah, sweet relief!  I had started to forget what winning felt like.  Now, it wasn’t perfect, and the real test will be if they can post back to back wins, but damn.  That was a fun game. 

It’s kind of been a rule in Canucks land the last couple of seasons that you don’t break up the Sedins and the hetero life duo of Alex Burrows and Ryan Kesler.  Well, apparently this doesn’t have to be the case.  Burr and Kes were just as awesome without each other as with.  I mean frankly those two need some more badass nicknames than Burr and Kes.  Leave any suggestions in the comments. 

Kes was outstanding with Sundin and Demitra.  A nice snipe of a goal and two assists.  Is he ever a bargain.  He deserved the promotion and didn’t look out of place.  That line had 6 points and was all over the ice.  Sundin is decidely not a bargain, but he finally proved last night why he’s getting that much money.  That was his best game yet for sure.  Maybe Demitra will stop whining about the line changing and play the way he can with Sundin and Kesler.  He looked the best he has in ages. 

Alex Burrows game winner was so gorgeous.  I love shorthanded breakways.  He did his signature little move and I guess Cam Ward doesn’t spend his evenings watching Alex Burrows highlights on YouTube.  Heh.  Oh and his celebration after was so fantastic.  I could watch it on repeat.

Matty Ohlund hit a Cane and sent him head first into the Canucks bench which had me purring and giggling.  The reactions of the Canucks on the bench were hilarious.  Someone got a screen cap of it in the FanZone liveblog, and I’m tempted to enlarge it and get Matty to sign it.  Heh.

How about 71% on faceoffs for the night?  Sundin was especially hott winning 15 of 19.  I find high faceoff percentages extremely tasty. 

Lui was just not at his rockstar best.  He should have had both those goals that made it 2-2.  When Lui gets back to 100% we’re in business. 

There are still things to improve on (most importantly the penalty kill), but this was very encouraging.  Somehow we managed to sneak back into 7th because almost all of the right teams lost last night.  This is very pleasing to me.  I want to write about the playoffs this season so badly.


6 thoughts on “WOOOOOOOOOO! Busting the Losing Streak!

  1. Nice win! I immediately thought of you when I saw the score this morning. I love how Burrows failed to break his stick after he scored that goal! And it must be nice to finally get a glimpse of what you are paying Sundin for…

  2. Awww! That’s sweet you thought of me! Burr claims he wasn’t actually trying to break his stick, he was just symbolizing the breaking of the streak. Hee. Who knows. And yes, it is nice to see Big Baldy playing like his old self…

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