Thursday Round Up

–  We got little baby Nathan McIver back from Anaheim in exchange for Mike Brown!  I am totes excited about this because I have always had an irrational amount of love for McIver.  It was actually almost heartbreaking for me when he was claimed off waivers.  With the depth of d the Canucks have for the moment, I’m sure we won’t see him, but he’ll get to play a ton in Manitoba.  Welcome back Nate Doggy Dog and good luck Mikey Brown with the Ducks. 

–  Look what’s on my desktop background right now.

background12Can our Captains work it or what?

 It’s to advertize for the Canucks Dice and Ice event which happens tonight.  It’s a super good cause and I always love all the photos and video that come out after it with the guys in their swanky suits. 

–  The Canucks wonder prospect keeps getting props for everywhere. thinks Cody Hodgson is close to perfect.  I know.  He’s hard to resist.  So totally rad and cute as a freakin button.  He also just scored a hat trick in the OHL all star game and had 2 assists.  He’s a Canuck, my darlings!  What a consolation prize for missing the playoffs.

–  I was starting to wonder where Trev Linden was hiding, and then look what was on Kukla’s Korner today.  From Metro Vancouver.  Trev is auctioning himself off on Valentine’s Day for charity.  Swoooon.  Of course he’s married, but still.  Spending an afternoon with Trev would be wicked.  If anyone could get me to like that holiday it would be him…

–  Speaking of swooning, is there anything more baby having inducing than hockey players with…well their babies?  Ryan Kesler and Kevin Bieksa skated out at the Super Skills on Sunday with their little ones, and it couldn’t have been more adorable. 



kesbebeh21Say it with me now, “AWWWW!”

They know just how to play me in the midst of an epic losing streak.  Jerks. 

–  The Canucks should really try and beat the Hawks on Saturday because they’re in 8th right now and a first round meeting with the Sharks…would not be good.  Not good at all.

7 thoughts on “Thursday Round Up


    I comforted a 2 month old Leafs fan at the Arena last night. There are babies everywhere I turn these days and hockey players with bebehs is just about the only thing that makes me go “I want one!” Ahhhh, Kes, you’re populating the world by proxy.

  2. I’m a fan of McIver, and although maybe in a different way than you (not that I’m reading into anything), like how he contributes on the blueline. I know that both Gillis and AV have suggested that the Canucks didn’t have much depth on D, but I’m really thinking that McIver has been brought back because O’Brien (or possibly Davison) could be on the way out.

  3. Saucy men, indeed.

    I think ZOMG bebehs is the exact response I had.

    Anne, I agree. Hockey players are the one thing that will get me to repopulate the earth. Hee.

    Chris, Hee. I like how tough McIver is and how he never tries to do too much. He seems like a really nice guy.

    I’ve heard people saying that O’Brien might be traded, but Gillis said on the radio he’s not on the trading block. Who knows though really. Anything could happen.

    eyebleaf, you’re in good company. Hee. Pretty much every guy I know has a man crush on Kes. I hope he’s a Canuck for life.

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