Canucks/Hawks. What Is This Feeling? Love? Hope? I’m so confused.

Oh boys.  You just really hate January, don’t you?  This was delighful.  Seven goals?!?  In regulation?  And speaking of Seven, since the Oilers got beat up by Detroit tonight, the Canucks move up from ninth to seventh.  Oh yeah!  Be still my heart. 

Ryan Kesler,  my goodness.  Whatever you have been doing lately, keep doing it.  He’s almost at his career high already.  And damn was that breakaway goal ever nice.  Sundin and Demitra have been smokin lately, and let’s face it, it’s mostly because of Kes.  Sundin, you sneaky bald man.  You suddenly look like a pretty freakin great player again.  Ahhh.  This second/first line might stick.  How rad. 

Burr looks just fantastic centering his own line without Kes.  He was an absolute stud on the PK too.  Oh Burr.  Please resign soon. 

Big Bear had a rough couple of months there, but he has been great recently.  I think he’s almost at his career high for points which is pretty cool. 

The defence was miles better than it has been.  I didn’t count many turnovers at all tonight.  Little baby Edler, who has had a bit of a tough time of it all season, was lovely tonight.  Four points!  Who needs a puckmoving defenceman at the deadline.  I’m so relieved that Sami Salo was OK after getting his mouth knocked apart with a high stick.  Matty Ohlund, you know I adore you, but 2 penalties wasn’t that hott.  I know those refs are lame.  Still, I like it when I can watch you outside of the box.  Bieksa had one of his best games in a while.  He was physical and snarky.  That’s when he looks the best.

4 for 8 on the power play is extremely hot.  I want to date that stat.  And the penalty kill was much less terrifying. 

Lui was rocking tonight.  Maybe he wants one of those Hawks goals back.  Other than that he was making some beautiful little saves all over the place.  Ahhhhh.  A Lui in the zone will take us places. 

Really, all the lines were good tonight.  The Sedins were skating very well tonight.  Danny Sedin got to 23 goals, and Hank made some very nice plays.  I think I even saw Mason Raymond hitting some guys. 

It”s officially a streak now.  A small streak, but a streak nonetheless.  I’m so…happy.  Thanks, Canucks!  This will be a tricky road trip, but I think it’s a good time for it.  The boys are confident and they can have lovely bonding time on the road.


2 thoughts on “Canucks/Hawks. What Is This Feeling? Love? Hope? I’m so confused.

  1. “Hi, I’m Alix and this is my date, 4 4 8.”

    Hmm… has a nice ring to it. So it was that good of a game, eh? Must have been something with me not being able to watch it. Grr…

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