Dice and Ice. Work it, Boys.

So, I gave you a little teaser of the goods with that wallpaper advertizing Dice and Ice, but here are the real juicy pictures.  Heh.  Our team could be supermodels really.  I mean, not that I care about that.  All I want is for my team to win games.  But you know, when they are winning, it’s much easier to notice their prettiness.  Just saying.  By the way, my top search(es) right now are “Alex Burrows male escort” and “Does Alex Burrows live in Yaletown?”  Like, really?  Burr, keep your eyes out for a stalker.  I don’t know where Burr lives, sorry honey.  And while he’s pretty enough to be a male escort, I don’t think he needs the money considering his hockey playing dolla bills.  Sure, he’s getting league minimum,but it’s still a fair chunk of change.  Right.  Pictures.  Here we go.  It’s so much easier to brag about you guys when you win and stuff. 

bigbearandrayrayBig Bear and Raymond won Oscars for acting out Jerry McGuire.  Hee.

diceandicecoaches1Look, even our coaching staff is stylin!

dhordidiceandiceThe tough guy fanning the moola

burrkesbieks10diceThe judges of the rookie acting competition

diceandicedhordi1The guys all got introduced with a movie, and Hordi’s was Fight Club. Heh.

diceandicewillie1Willie…doing…I’m not sure what.  Nice suit though.

mattyandmatsdiceandiceDouble the fan and double the Swede!

gillisdiceandiceThe Big Guy.  My new BFF.

rookies1Awwwww. Look at the baby actors.

luidiceandiceLe Captain showing off his mad card skills.

burrkesbieksdiceandiceA 4? Tough judges.

sedindiceandiceA Sedin working it as a dealer. I feel awful I don’t know which one.

luirayraydiceandiceLui wanting to be in Raymond’s acceptance speech. I think.

burrdiceandiceBurr looking swanky.  And that woman in the background might be the stalker I mentioned above.

pyattdiceandiceHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Only Pyatt.  Only Pyatt.

mitchelldiceandiceMitchell working it as dealer/spinny dude.

matsdiceandice1Mats Daddy Dealer!

hordidiceandiceSomeone just made a lot of money!

groupdiceandiceGroup shottt!


5 thoughts on “Dice and Ice. Work it, Boys.

  1. it’s got to be Daniel, doesn’t look like the evil twin to me….

    seeing the pics of Bieks, Kess and Burr doing their judging thang made me so sad, remembering last year, must have been difficult for them too I reckon :(

  2. Yeah, my guess was Danny too.

    Looking through these pictures made me sad as well :( This was Luc’s real breakout moment last year in a way.

    Oh yes, research. Hee hee.

  3. Wow! I didn’t know that ladies like Pylons. But seriously, is he all that and a bag of chips? Can’t say he does it for me… but I’ve never been into guys so that might explain it.

    Now the ladies… let me tell you… =)

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