Well damn, boys.  This was an example of my favourite kind of game.  Messy, and exciting, free skating, lots of goals, but also still mostly hard checking and kind of hot and angry.  It’s definitely not perfect or a work of art, but it’s just how I like my hockey.  There’s so much going on all at once.  This game sure didn’t start out promising, getting down 2 goals in the last minute of the first period, and I’ll admit I got nervous and contemplated turning the boys off in favour of more satisfying activities.  Luckily I didn’t because they pulled their big boy pants on and got a rad come from behind win.  I mean, I kind of want to bake for all of them, and I’m not a girl that bakes for other people.  This was thrilling and delightful, and not without spikes of blood pressure, especially when Hankie Pankie Sedin can’t score twice on an empty net. 

This was the game where I actually fell in love with Sundin.  Sweet Swede he was good last night.  Two goals and almost came close to a hat trick several times.  High marks on faceoffs.  The teacher should have been bringing himan apple.  A beastly move to keep the puck in on Kes’s goal.  There may have been doodling of Mats name with hearts around it on my game notes.  I also may have pondered whether we should throw IKEA meatballs on the ice if a Swede gets a hattrick. 

This was the game where my massive hockey crush on Ryan Kesler continued unabated.  Him and Mats Daddy are like another pair of Sedins the way they’ve been playing together.  Another goal which was an absolute beauty of a shot, and an assist.  Did you also see him in that last minute of the game bust his ass to negate that icing and do his awesome defensive bad ass thing?  RAWR.

This was the game where Demitra still can’t seem to score unless it’s an empty netter, but not matter.  He had an assist to add to the empty netter that was an absolute beautifullll pass on Kes’s goal.  I’m sure he’ll start scoring soon too.  The Demo/Mats/Kes line now has like 20 points in three games.  Hott.  Can you say good secondary scoring? 

This was the game where we saw the fine line between angry rad Bieksa and not so rad way too angry Bieksa.  He started off the game with a fight which was awesome.  I swear I might like Bieksa fights as much as I like puppies and Swedes.  He had two assists which was fantastic.  But then he got so angry about getting hit from behind into the boards, that he jumped way out of position on the Blues 4th goal just so he could hit a guy and get one back.  I always think Bieksa plays his best when he’s slightly pissed, but sometimes he gets too pissed.

This was the game where I remembered how fabulous litte rookie Jannik Hansen can be with a nice little game winning goal, and some very foxy blocking of shots on the penalty kill.  He’s so well rounded.  And the bonus was we got an interview with him at the end of the game.  He has the cutest little accent and voice and always sounds nervous.  Awwww. I adore my rookies.

This was the game where I pondered what must be in the penalty box to make it so irresistible to the Canucks.  Sushi bar?  Swedish models?  Naughty two minute movies?  Pictures of Dion Phaneuf in a dress (you know to laugh at)?

This was the game where my mad love for Alex Burrows continued as well.  Sure, the goalie should have had his tying goal, but he was in the right place and the right time.  He’s been working so hard he got to play on the Sedins wing.  Burr is so rad he was 78% on face offs after playing center for what 2 games in the NHL?  He’s already one bettered his career high for goals from last year.  It’s not totally crazy to say he might get to 20 this season.  Sign this man to an extension!

This was the game where we saw that if the defence is a wet hot mess and our goalie is not at all his all star best, the Canucks have enough scoring to win anyways.  This was the game where maybe Canucks fans start to hope a little about where this team will be when Lui is back to his old self and the penalty kill and defence are back to where they should be.


6 thoughts on “Canucks/Blues

  1. I had the box score refreshing on Yahoo! during the game. It was great to (electronically) see the Canucks come back from two goals down, twice. I was pumped.

    Sweet Swede. I like that. I’m glad he is winning your heart. And I used to doodle his name on my notes, years ago, as well. Yeah, I know, I have a problem.

  2. lol @ the 2 minute naughty movies, that sure would explain a lot!

    great game, huh? although as you know I slept through the best bit, damn!

    (caught it yesterday on the Centre Ice archives, though, wish I could have stayed awake to see it through live but was close to passing out tired, I don’t know how my fellow countryman Steve manages to keep his eyes open, matchsticks maybe)

    happy you-know-what :)

  3. Wasn’t the purpose of the box to sit there for 2 minutes and feel shame, and then be set free? Or is that just too much “Slapshot” and not enough real life?

    Hmm.. well, my two bucks are on the dirty movie. I think the Canucks told the Blues about it in the third and they wanted in on all the action too.

  4. eyebleaf, hee! You don’t have a problem. Sundin is very notebook doodle worthy.

    It was a good game, Sarah. Your boy Kes is on fire. :) I’m totes impressed you manage to watch any games live over there! I’m not sure I could stay awake.

    And thanks for the you know what wishes.

    Chris, maybe the problem is the Canucks just don’t feel enough shame. Hee. I can’t believe they’re remaking Slap Shot. Way to mess with a classic.

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