Canucks/Coyotes Preview

So, it’s my birthday today!  If the Canucks really love me, they’ll win tonight, right?  Hopefully in a blowout fashion.  Wellwood is apparently back in and SOB is finally out of AV’s doghouse for a night.  Burr gets to skate with the twins, and the smokin hot 2 Euros and an American line is still together.  Should be a good one. 

Hopefully I see on my birthday

A Jovo/Bieksa fight.  The hottness would be at dangerously high levels.

Swedes scoring!

Another Hansen goal

Happy Meals getting back in AV’s good books

Carcillo getting somewhat destroyed by a Canuck

Close ups of the prettiest Canucks on the bench. Hehehehe.

A superhero Lui.

Wayne Gretzky absolutely losing his mind over our super skilled scorers


4 thoughts on “Canucks/Coyotes Preview

  1. not quite the blowout you wanted but, could have been worse, eh?

    4 in a row baby yeah!!!!

    hope you had a good b/day

    (Ps is it wrong that I kind of think Carcillo is kind of cute?)

  2. Happy Belated Birthday! No wonder we missed you at the LB… you did miss me telling claudgrrl that I would marry her if the Canucks came back and won.

    We’re hitched now and I already got myself the tattoo. Now I need to figure out how to explain this all to my girlfriend.

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