Dearest Hockey,

I’m so happy I decided to get to know you better two and half years ago.  There is nothing I don’t adore about you.  I love the hits, the goals, the saves.  The last minute tying goals and the penalty box and overtime.  Power play goals.  Slap shots.  Goal celebrations.  NHL hockey.  Junior hockey.  It doesn’t matter if you’re high scoring or low scoring, either way I like it.  The sound of skates on the ice is like my favourite song.  All the little things you do like faceoffs, pokechecks, penalty kills, and takeaways are appreciated more than you can know.  I even enjoy when you get a little rough and start fights and scrums after the whistle.  My most favourite sport, you would be simply perfect if you got rid of the shootout.  No one entertains me more starting in April than you, hockey.  I hope someday soon I’ll be able to enjoy your Stanley Cup.  Here’s to many more years to come. 

Love, Humming Giraffe

My Dear Canucks,

Thank you for being my one and only.  I’ve never felt this way about another team.  I love the forwards, I love the defencemen.  I love the goalies.  I love the veterans and the rookies.  I love the Canadians, Americans, and Europeans.  I adore Ryan Kesler’s defensive play.  I love watching Bieksa get angry and throw off his gloves.  I love getting to see the rookies improve.  I love having Lui as a Captain.  I’m happy when Matty Ohlund scores.  I enjoy watching Mats Sundin knock defenders over one handed.  I adore how quirky Kyle Wellwood is.  I’m so happy it was our team Alex Burrows got his chance on.  I could listen to Big Bear getting interviewed constantly.  Sami Salo is a delight to watch when he’s healthy.  A Sedin passing play is a beautiful thing.  Hordi’s blogs for always make me smile.  I love that SOB will always stick up for his teammates.  Ryan Johnson’s shot blocking makes me wince, but also impresses me.  The way you guys celebrate wins makes me happy.  My heart beats faster when you step on the ice.  You guys never make it easy, and often raise my blood pressure, but it’s never boring.  We’ve had good times and bad, but I wouldn’t change it for anything.  Imagining what it will feel like if you guys raise the Stanley Cup is what keeps me around even during the worst losses.  Be mine always.  XOXOXO.

Humming Giraffe


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