No penalties?!?!  I’m so proud of you little goons.  This calls for a present!

bus1I’ll drive the bus! 

–  The Sedins and Burr were ALL OVER the ice last night.  Their goals were gorgeous and it was fun to watch their pretty passing plays all night.  I know I always talk up how cool Burr’s story is, but it’s even more amazing now that he’s playing with the Sedins and looking good doing it.  Amazing.  Undrafted Moose tryout to third Sedin brother.  Oh and how about a making fun of Edmonton fact for the day while further demonstrating how rad Burr is?  Alex Burrows has 27 points (13 G/14 A) and is making $483, 333.  Eric Cole has 22 points (12 G/10 A) and is making $4 ooo ooo.  H/T to Kurtenblog.

–  Just when the RPM line was feeling neglected, and Tommy and Shorty were pondering whether AV would break them up, Ryan Kesler scored on a really great shot after getting a gorgeous pass from Sundin on the rush.  Damn it was pretty. 

–  Poor little Wellwood is skating better than he has all season, but he has absolutely NOTHING to show for it.  He can’t buy a goal right now. 

–  Matty Ohlund had a very nice assist on Edler’s goal and is now two points away from becoming the franchise scoring leader for defencemen.  I’m just going to have to start wearing my Ohlund sweater every day. 

–  Everyone was skating well last night right from the start and it was a real treat to watch.  All of the forwards were crashing the net of course, but the defence was also very much improved.  Edler and Bieksa had great games and seem to be finally over their slumps, and Sami Salo really had me wishing that he could stay healthy all season.  He didn’t get a point on the score sheet, but his pretty little breakout pass was responsible for Hank Sedin’s goal.  Shane O”Brien has also been an angel since he came back, and made some nice plays with the puck.

–  The Flames game on Tuesday should be a good one.  They haven’t played the Flames in a while.  I think maybe the Canucks were saving all their penalties up for Tuesday night.  If the Canucks beat the Flames, they might have a chance to catch them for the division.  Either way, the win against the Habs moved the Canucks from 9th to 5th, so they’re in a good spot.


3 thoughts on “Canucks/Habs

  1. Good win for the canucks! I’m really not devastated by this loss. I’m finding the canucks recent turnaround quite inspiring, and I’m really hoping the habs can do something similar. :)

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