Canucks/Flames Preview

Two things are highly amusing me right now. 

1.  Mike Keenan’s claims that Willie Mitchell has an illegal stick.  Cute Mikey Mike, cute.  Mostly it’s because I’m actually 12 and quotes like this make me giggle.

“I’ve got a tape measure. It’s not my stick that does the work, anyway. It’s my brain. I think it’s a good compliment [from Keenan]. Obviously, he’s worried about me playing against Jarome.”

Asked how he knows Mitchell’s stick is too long, Keenan said: “I’ll never tell.”  Vancouver Sun.

Sometimes this blog just writes itself, I’m telling you. 

2.  This little rumbling over Mats Sundin promoting online poker.  I mean, yeah, I know gambling is technically illegal, and the NHL probably doesn’t want its players associated with it.  But the site Mats promotes is actually free.  So yeah, until it’s actual gambling, don’t really care.  In my opinion, if he keeps playing the way he has been, he can hire people to rub those Poker Stars chips all over his bald head.  Or have a contest for the hottest girls in Vancouver and or Sweden to have a continuous round of strip poker at his place. 

I’m very pumped for this game.  I love games against the Flames.  If the Canucks win this one, they have a chance to take back the division.  If not, they’ll have to settle for spots 4-8 in the conference.

4-2 Canucks.  Willie Mitchell gets two assists with his *cough* extra long stick.  Sedin, Sundin, Burrows, Wellwood. Iginla and Bert for the Flames.


3 thoughts on “Canucks/Flames Preview

  1. PS the anti-curse of Kesler continues…..whoooooot!!!!

    I knew there was a reason I have been championing the kid for ever (well, other than the fact he’s hawt :D)

  2. I can’t believe he came out with that extra long stick in warmups! Hee. Hilarious.

    Kesler is ammazzzzing. I’ve always liked him, but this season he is on FIRE.

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