I love this team.  Love them.  Somehow, even though they got outplayed by the Flames for the second and most of the first periods, they still managed to come out in the third and win in a shootout.  They never win the shootout. 

Sure, it wasn’t flawless by any means.  The defensive turnovers alone made my defense loving self want to cry, but these guys won’t be denied. 

I love Todd Bertuzzi.  Yeah, I said it.  He’s the gift that just keeps on giving.  I should send him a Christmas and Birthday card.  He brought us Lui.  He managed to screw up the Ducks.  The offensive zone penalty to take the Flames off the power play, followed by absolute pathetic back checking on Ryan Kesler’s second goal was extremely helpful.  Then hitting the post on his spinorama move in the shootout.  Ahhhhh. Bert secretly still loves us. 

I love that Willie Mitchell came out in the warmup with this massive stick.  Hilarious.williestick1









I love how Ryan Kesler is having a career year.  He was absolutely outstanding last night.  I keep thinking he has to slow down sometime, but apparently not.  His second goal was a really cool bat in of his own rebound. 

Mats Sundin didn’t have a dominant game on the score sheet, yet you could tell the whole game how much trouble the Flames D were having with him, which in turn opens up more space for other guys. 

I love the Pavol Demitra scored in the shootout and won it.  I think I love it even more that I saw him blocking a shot.  It was stunning.  He’s been great recently, hopefully he can keep it up and AV will have no reason to juggle him through the line up.

This was a goalie clinic game.  Other than Lui’s one bad goal, he was incredible last night.  And Kipprusoff was unbelievable.  His save on Wellwood in particular.  Poor Welly got absolutely robbed.

I love that Bieksa had me pulling my hair out in the third because of his defensive play, but then somehow managed to tie it up with the goalie pulled.  Still, he has 10 points in his last 11 games.  So, I guess I should just relax and go with the flow or something.

I love that the Canucks won this and they still have a teeny tiny chance of catching the Flames for the division. 

I love that we heard the guys WOOOOOOOOOing in the background at the end of the sportsnet broadcast.  Heh.

I love that this game felt like a playoff game.  A 7 game series with these two teams would be a treat to watch.  The Canucks probably wouldn’t come out of it in one piece, but it would be entertaining.


7 thoughts on “Canucks/Flames

  1. I’m told it’s not the size of the stick that matters though. =)

    Sorry.. I couldn’t resist. My entire day at work was using the cheese that was all over the LiveBlog last night.

  2. that stick pic is classic :D

    great game huh? Kes’s second goal, swoon, might have watched that about 300 times on rewind :) He’d make a mean tennis player :D

    But less of the Bert bashing – I actually DO still send the man a birthday card lol He’s my imaginary big brother (which makes no sense given that he’s younger than me) and I won’t hear a word said against him :D Miss ya Bertie!!

    I would LOVE to see a Canucks-Flames series, even if me and my 6 year old would be barely talking by the end, little Flamer traitor that he is :)

  3. Isn’t it, eyebleaf? Mitchell rawks.

    HA! Nice, Chris. Do you like hockey and…? Heh.

    Great game indeed, Sarah. And I love Bert, I do. Hee.

    Yeah, how on earth did you let your son become a Flames fan?!? He should be written out of the will! :D Heehehe.

  4. I spend all my money on hockey anyway, there won’t be anything IN the will!

    I think it was the showbiz for him with the Flames, the sea of red, the fire. And he loves Jarome Iginla with an unhealthy passion :)

    I’m shattered today after the Ott game, glad I stayed up for it though. Think there were more of us Brits / Kiwis and other random foreigners in the Liveblog than there were Canadians last night lol

  5. Sarah, I think your child needs an intervention!Hee hee hee. Good for him.

    The liveblog is getting very international! It’s fantastic. Heh. I’m sorry I missed it.

    Chris, HA! Yeah probably a good thing you didn’t.

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