What a game.  I don’t think anyone thought it would end quite like that.  Perfect.  Mats got a very nice reception and a nice tribute video.  The big guy got pretty emotional, which makes sense.  Even I was a little emotional hearing that crowd and seeing his face and I’ve only been watching him for about six weeks.  The Canucks were sloppy and didn’t play their best, but what an entertaining game, especially in the third period and OT.  Both these teams can skate well, and Vesa and Lui were matching each other save for save.  Alex Burrows tying goal was absolutely gorgeous.  What a nice shot Mats had on the game winner in the shootout.  His smile after it was so charming and it was a special moment.  He had a wonderful farewell with the Leafs fans, and now he finally feels like a Canuck.  For real.  I documented when I fell for Sundin here, but last night was the first time he really was a Canuck to me through and through.  It’s nice. 

I was going to follow this up with pretty, pretty behind the scenes Toronto pictures but wordpress is being a dirty slut and not letting me upload photos.  Sorry kittens.  In the mean time, enjoy a ref accidently karate chopping Sundin and having a giggle and the Mats ovation from last night.  




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