Last Round of Pictures on the Road Trip

So, I really shouldn’t post these pictures considering the boys lost last night.  They should only be cooed over when they sweep road trips, but oh what the heck.  I only saw the first period because I went to see a hypnotist with a good buddy.  I’m unable to offer you any in depth analysis other than the fact that the reffing was extremely bizarre and that I wish the hypnotist had messed with my brain enough to make me forget that 5 on 3 power play that led to the Habs breakaway goal. 

A couple of my favourite ladies around the blogosphere, wrap and Anne  have mentioned the Scarlet Caps today, and wow.  Oh NHL, I really want to give you a fist pump for thinking of your female fans, but I just can’t quite do it.  The thought is there and it’s nice, yet your execution is less than magical.  I mean, the aesthetics of the site have me feeling like I’m hanging out in a skanky strip joint.  Then there’s the incredibly tacky beef cake photos of the Capitals players that make them look less wholesome hockey boys and more like they belong on the hot girls with douchebags website.  You’re left feeling like they’re not actually hockey players but dates for rent.  Once you get past the photos, you have the rather insultingly simplistic hockey 101 section.  Yup, because most girls don’t know their hockey, and are only in it for the pictures of the players.  Sigh.  One day these guys will figure out their serious female fan.  One day.  

Dear Canucks,

Thanks for giving me awesome behind the scenes stuff and not a tacky female version of the website.  The FanZone is especially wicked.  XOXO.

Humming Giraffe

Now, I’m of course about to be a hypocrite and post pictures of  my admittedly very good looking team.  Heh.  That’s just how I roll.  But these babies are at least behind the scenes hockey pictures and not portraits for the douchebag of the year catalogue.  You all know I like a tasty stat or shooting percentage as much as a good photo. 



















Such a bad ass Boss Man




Heh. This picture just had to be taken in Montreal right after the Habs were linked to Montreal mobsters.








Look at em all doing homework in their little matching Canucks clothing.  Awwww.






So…I have no idea how this would have happened. But I’m impressed Mats is so flexible.







2 thoughts on “Last Round of Pictures on the Road Trip

  1. It was the skates. I think Mats is the only Canuck that has the blue.

    Exactly, Hot Chicks With Douchebags is endlessly entertaining, but hockey should not make me think of it.

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