I Don’t Wanna Lose My Favourite Swede!

TSN really has a way of messing up a girl’s day.  Matty Ohlund might be headed to free agency

I want to be here if it’s a good fit for myself and my family and the Canucks.  If not, it’s time to go,” said Ohlund, who has spent his entire NHL career with Vancouver. “It’s not hard at all – it’s actually pretty exciting not knowing what’s going to happen here in the future.

Should I get out the tequila and a paper bag?  Doesn’t TSN know I’m too pretty to have crying around here.  Heh.  This is new for me.  Matty Ohlund’s is the first sweater I bought.  He is the first player that made me want to throw some cash around to buy the merch.  It actually depressed me when he was on IR last season.   I yelled at my own sister when she said he wasn’t worth the money.  Heh.  Does my second favourite player just slide into Matty Ohlund’s spot once he leaves?  And then I buy that guy’s sweater?  Or do I go into next season without a favourite and have a Humming Giraffe’s Next Top Favourite Reality Show?  So many questions. 

Speaking of the Humming Giraffe, this blog was named that because of Matty Ohlund and my blog friends from Interchangeable Parts.  Do I have to rename my blog if Matty Ohlund leaves?  If he leaves and goes to a team I like he could stay my favourite player.  But maybe he goes to a totally heinous team like the Flames or the Ducks or the Rangers.  So many questions. 

Maybe Matty Ohlund’s just saying these things to be a good negotiator.  It might turn out I have nothing to worry about.  Just in case, I should probably warn all of you darlings now that things should be “fun” around here near July 1st.


2 thoughts on “I Don’t Wanna Lose My Favourite Swede!

  1. i don’t wanna lose my blue-eyed behemoth who refuses to hit anybody…but it looks like i’m gonna. it’s been imminent for about a year now.

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