Canucks/Lightning Game Day and Let’s Welcome the New Guy

I’m delighted we get to see the Lightning because I adore Vinny Lecavalier.  I’m going to be extremely disappointed if the Canucks don’t get back into the win column tonight because the the Lightning have been giving up a ton of goals since Mike Smith went down and they have one of the worst road records in the league.  That said, I have a soft spot for them because of recent draftings of cousins, so I hope they do well after tonight against the Canucks.

Let’s all hope that the RPM line gets back on track tonight.  Surely Big Mats Daddy has to be over his flu by now. 

Shane O’Brien and Kyle Wellwood should have huge games.  O’Brien because he’s, oh just a teeny tiny bit bitter that Tampa traded him.  “I want to beat them 10-0.”  Heh.  SOB really likes to bitch.  It amuses me for now, but he might want to learn to shut his mouth eventually.  Vancouver Province.   Wellwood should probably score tonight just so AV won’t beat him over the head repeatedly while screaming naughty French words at him. 

Let’s say Canucks 4 (Sundin, Kesler, Wellwood, Bieksa) Lightning 2 (Vinny with some fetching camera close ups, Stamkos)

Now, let’s say hi to the new guy.  Ossi Vaananen was claimed off waivers from the Flyers, and he’s got some very good things going for him.

–  His name is totally wicked and fun to say.  Ossi…Ossssssiii.  It just rolls off the tongue so nicely. 

–  He’s 6’4” and Finnish!  You know how much I love giant European defencemen. 

–  While playing for the Flyers he recorded 85 hits and 75 blocked shots.  +25 for his career.  That’s tasty.  It sounds like he’s a big stay at home guy.  (You just know Lui’s starting to strut around because of how much protection he’s going to have in the playoffs.  Remember in the playoffs against the Ducks when they repeatedly ran Lui and no one did ANYTHING.  Yeah, between Ossi and Mitchell and Bieksa and O’Brien and Ohlie, I don’t think it will be a problem)

–  Sami Salo will finally have another Finn to play with. 

–  He’s blonde and quite pretty.


Doesn’t he just look like he spends his summers on a boat and plays tennis and has drinks in the garden?

This is a nice pick up that was a total freebie (Thanks Briere and Flyers!) and you can never have enough depth on defence for a playoff run.


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