What a strong game.  This is the team that should go into the playoffs.  I adore them when they play like this.  They’ve been winning all over the place in February, but a few of them were those lucky wins where they didn’t play very well but got the two points anyways.  This was lovely.  They played extremely well and deserved the win. 

Lui made some gorgeous kick saves and was a force all night.

A beautiful defensive effort, with not many chances against.  I really liked Edler and Salo’s games tonight.  Salo’s goal was very nice.  And Matty Ohlund moved within one point of the franchise defensive scoring leader.  I thought he had some really nice poke checks and blocked shots tonight. 

The epic tale of Alex Burrows continued tonight.  Burr and Kes might both get to 20 goals this season.  Those rumours from the ESPN boys about Burr being traded before the deadline better be a load of crap.  I think so.  Gillis is totes a Burrows fan boy. 

I had just made a snarky remark about Sundin having the Black Plague or something, and then not 20 seconds later he set up Kes’ goal.  I apologize, Mats.  I don’t deserve you. 

Vinny and the boys did us a solid and beat the Flames, so now the Canucks have inched closer to them for the division and are a full four points up on 6th.  Hopefully the guys are able to stay in the middle there because I’d rather them not have to play the Sharks or the Wings in the first round.  March is a great time for hockey.


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