Reason 568 To Love Alex Burrows

“I’m not looking for first-line money, top-six money,” Burrows said. “I still consider myself a checker. That’s what I think I am first. If I can generate some offence once in a while, I think that’s a plus for the team. But I still consider myself a checker. I think that’s what I’m worth.”

“That’s a Frenchman; they don’t know what they’re saying,” Burrows, who is from Montreal, cracked in his accented English. “It’s kind of funny, they were throwing every name in the tub. Who knows what are their sources. It can’t really bother me.”

From the Vancouver Sun.  H/T to the Nucks Misconduct  boys.

You just have to love Burr’s attitude.  Especially his crack at Pierre Lebrun being a Frenchman.  I think Gillis knows he would have an angry mob outside his house if he traded Burr.  And Gillis is wicked smart.  I’m not worried really.


3 thoughts on “Reason 568 To Love Alex Burrows

  1. If Burr leaves, it would no longer be Peanut Butter Burrows time.. and I’d have to think up a new line. But seriously, he doesn’t go anywhere. The Canucks need to sign him before the crazy money gets thrown around..

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