My summary of the Canucks/Wild game was a tribute to Burr.  I professed my love and approval in the rusty remains of my high school French in honour of his new contract but I figured I should give a more detailed opinion here.  This contract makes me so happy.  $2 million is a steal for all the many things Burr does for the team.  He’s heading towards 20 goals if he keeps playing with the Sedins.  Their line has been a revelation recently.  The Canucks players are happy and the Canucks fans are happy.  I know I’ve said it before but what a great story he is.  It’s inspiring and fun to watch.  Four more years of charming French Canadian accented interviews and his lovely attitude.  What a perfect night for him to score two goals.  Kudos to Gillis for the contract and kudos to Craig Heisinger the Manitoba Moose GM for finding him.  This couldn’t have happened to a better guy. 

From what I know about Alex Burrows, money won’t change him at all.” — Manitoba Moose general manager Craig Heisinger.

Damn Straight!  More lovely quotes about Burr in the Vancouver Sun.


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