That was fantastic and fun to watch.  They finally, finally beat the Sharks.  The media might have gone a little bit overboard calling this a statement game and the biggest game of the season, but there’s no doubt this was a great win to get.  Now, if/when the Canucks meet the Sharks in the playoffs, they know they were able to beat them in the regular season.  It’s like Captain Lui said post game. “They’re a good team and we wanted to send a message that, if we meet in the playoffs, it’s not going to be an easy series.”

I have to give congratulations to my guy Matty Ohlund for his pretty assist tonight on little baby Edler’s goal.  He’s now tied for the franchise defenceman scoring lead.  He’s sure to get one more point before the season ends and then he’ll be the sole leader.  That would be a good way to leave the team if he decides to. 

He’s # 1!

Ryan Kesler had a game of totally rad domination and definitely deserved to be first star.  Two assists, twenty minutes of ice time, and he was skating miles. 

Lui absolutely robbed several Sharks and was at his badass best.  I think he’s getting into the zone at exactly the right time. 

The defence was good top to bottom and were doing a great job on the power play and jumping into the play 5 on 5.  Edler and Bieksa especially are brimming with confidence right now.  It’s fun to watch how some games the defence is almost like a third scoring line. 

Mats Daddy finally got out of his (goal) scoring slump and scored a beauty.  He picked his spot and totally sniped it.  I wasn’t ragging on him, because he’s been picking up assists, but it was nice to see him get a goal again.  Demo’s pass to set up him was gorgeous.  Somehow Demo’s playing even better with a broken finger. 

Burr and Hank and Danny were skating well, they just kept getting robbed by Boucher. 

Ryan Johnson has been struggling a bit on faceoffs since he broke his finger, but man, blocking a slapshot from a Shark in the last few minutes with his FACE deserves some major props. 

We all remember March of last year, and I know the playoffs are a ways off still, but you can’t help but get a little bit (secretly) excited about how the Canucks are playing.  When they play like this, they can compete with anyone in the league.  This is a very fun team to watch and they have fantastic chemistry right now. 

Ryan Kesler was on After Hours last night and it was one of the funniest ones I’ve seen.  Kes gave a great interview himself.  He’s really relaxed giving interviews now and is more comfortable saying more.  Comparing his pug to a mix of Bieksa/Burrows was funny and hearing him talk about his daughter was adorable. 

Then there were all the little things the other guys did.  Burr asking a question on camera with his eyes blacked out and calling himself Kes’s biggest fan was hilarious!  Plus Demo coming by to ask for Kes’s autograph.  The part where they showed the “before” and “after” pictures of Hordi as the pregnant man up on the board in the Canucks dressing room that they got from the Predators team was a funny touch.  It was nice to see the silly side of the Canucks. 

The whole thing can be found here.  Bieksa’s interview at the beginning is worth a listen, then Kes is there at the 27 minute mark. 

Finally, the guys are bringing their mums on the road trip starting on Monday in LA.  Awwwww.  Hopefully the mums trip ends up being as successful results wise as the dad’s trip was last season. 


5 thoughts on “Canucks/Sharks

  1. noooooo it won’t let me watch that After Hours thang. maybe because I am outside of Canada. I need to wake up one of my teenagers to teach me how to use proxy servers now!!! I neeeed to see it!!!

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