They’re Heading to California With Their Mummies

Well, that game against the Kings could have gone better.  The Canucks were flat for most of the first and second periods, Lui let in a bad first goal, the power play and penalty kill were terrible, they took too many pointless penalties, and by the time they played very well in the third, it was too late.  I just found I wasn’t too angry about this one.  The Canucks were going to lose eventually, and I kind of like the Kings, so good for them.  They were the better team last night.  I do hope the Canucks humiliate the Ducks tomorrow, however.  I loathe the Ducks.  Even more so now that they waived cute little B-Mo. 

It’s just too bad they couldn’t get  a win for their mummies. 

I usually totes love Puck Daddy.  I think Wysh has some great coverage and it’s really funny.  Puck Daddy is one of the first blogs I check out in the morning.  But I’m going to have to call Puck Daddy out for the mention of the Canucks mums trip they had last night.  The trip was part of the dishonourable mention section.

Look, the new tradition of having fathers of players join the team for a select road trip during the season is cool, especially when the dads all sit together wearing the jerseys of their sons. But what doesn’t work is a “Mom’s trip”, which is exactly what the Vancouver Canucks hosts in Los Angeles Monday. When asked what plans they had afterward, the answer was go shopping. Need we say more?

Excuse me?  Sounds a little sexist.  How is it “cool” for the dads, but it doesn’t work for the mums?  The mums looked totally wicked in their sons sweaters last night.  I’m impressed that the Canucks did something different than the usual NHL dads trip and invited the mums.  They most likely had just as much to do with their sons career success as the dads did.  Finally, how is shopping that much different than the usual other stereotypically touristy things the dads would do on the same trip?  Weak sauce, McKeon, weak sauce.  It kind of sounds like you might have mummy issues.

Enjoy some pictures of  Canucks and their mummies.














































8 thoughts on “They’re Heading to California With Their Mummies

  1. oh man I think that is totally adorable that the Canucks had a “Mom’s Trip”. Good on them!

    I love the pics.. too cute! It’s LA for crying out loud, let them go shopping! I’m sure some of the players do too.. LOL

    and WHOA how pretty is that shot on the beach? Could the water be any more blue? Man…

  2. Heeee! I wish the Sabres would do these kinds of things.

    Oh wait. The Sabres are dead to me. They can go jump off a bridge.

    I’m sorry the Kings won last night. But not *that* sorry. I wish it had gone to OT. :(

  3. Hee! That’s exactly what I thought, wrap.

    Sam, Oh, the Canucks totally go shopping too. Most of them are very fashionable. Heh.

    And yeah, those boardwalk/water/palm tree shots are GORGEOUS! It’s still like -20 and snowy where I live, and these pictures are kind of slowly killing me. Hee.

    Anne, I’m SO sorry the Sabres are being such little bastards :( I totally remember that with the Canucks last season. It sucks.

    Don’t worry, I was actually kind of happy the Kings won. Heh. The Canucks were due for a loss. No biggie.

  4. When looking at these pictures, I’m struck by two things. First, it really is amazing how pretty the Canucks are. Half of them could be models.

    Second, I’m as old as some of these moms. Ouch. I could be the mom of a pro-hockey player.


  5. How did having mom around just make these boys that much more attractive? And mom going shopping totally beats the pants off of dad getting trashed and playing mini golf.

    Also, It takes a solid mom to not pop a blood vessel when her son brakes the dryer by shooting pucks in to it. It’s like how the Staal mom deserves a fucking metal of honor, in my opinion.

  6. Is one of the sessions that the Canucks have to attend in training camp called “How to be Adorable” because they are very good at it. Plus the team photographer is pretty much awesome at his/her job.

  7. Myra, yes. My team is very pretty. :) And, you’re not old! You’re hip and young!

    Lori, yeah mums = bonus hotness points or something. Heh. All hockey mums probably deserve a medal.

    Clare, oh yeah. The Canucks TOTES take How to Be Adorable at training camp. Along with How To Smile At Female Bloggers and How To Take Good Pictures In A Suit.

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