No Dreaming In California…

These poor mums are going to start thinking they’re bad luck.  It’s not true though, their sons just didn’t work hard enough against the Ducks.  It was nice that Burr and Kes both hit 20 goals in this game.  Those guys are extremely hardworking and 20 goals is well deserved.  I don’t think anyone saw Burr getting 20 at the start of the season but what a nice little surprise.  Kes is already only one away from his career high.  It was nice that poor little Kyle Wellwood finally got a goal.  The look on his face when he double checked to see if the puck was in the net said exactly how much this scoring slump had been weighing on him.  It was nice that the Canucks managed to get it to OT and pick up a point.  Even one point helps out in the tight playoff race, but it was frustrating they didn’t get two.  They were sloppy and made too many mistakes and just plain didn’t work hard enough.  The three on three sequence in OT was epically bad. 

Oh well.  Two losses in a row was disappointing, but it doesn’t take away from their streak before this.  They’re still securely in a playoff spot, and still have a slim chance of catching Chicago and/or Calgary.  No need to get grumpy.  I can’t expect them to win every game.  As much fun as that would be.  Heh.

Let’s look at some more pictures of Canucks and their mummies to cheer ourselves up.  A hat tip to the irreplaceable Jeff Vinnek. 






















Awwwwww! Mats is getting taken care of by all the mums






















6 thoughts on “No Dreaming In California…

  1. you know what I really like? the mums all look so *normal*, nice down to earth ladies. I was worried they’d all have spent their sons’ money on plastic surgery and designer suits :)

    Mats has definitely pulled there, huh?

  2. Sigh. Still cute.

    I really wish Mama Sedin was on the trip. She’s probably the only one who would be able to tell them apart.

    Do you think Mama Bear can convince Steven to cut his hair? I love Big Bear’s Big Hair but it’s getting a little out of hand.

    Those Mamas are so cute.

  3. Sarah, the mums are totally adorable! And Mats gets action wherever he goes! HA.

    Anne, I don’t think any of the Euros mas came. Sad. Hee. Mama Sedin would be helpful for that! Big Bear’s hair is ALL over! Heh. Would he listen to his ma?

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