Hank the Tank! Hank the Tank!

Well, he’s actually quite a tall, slender Swede and not at all tank like in appearance, but he was tank like performance wise tonight.  2 goals and an assist.  His second goal was so damn gorgeous, I think I might have had my mouth open  for a moment.  He sent those LA defenders spinning. 

What a first period.  19 shots on net.  I remember some of those extra painful games from last season when the Canucks had 19 shots on net for the whole game.  Alex Burrows with his 21st goal and it was just a sweet little hardworking throw in goal.  I mean the puck took a lucky bounce off the boards, and he pretty much had an empty net, but you have to be good to be lucky, isn’t that what people say?  $2 million might end up being a steal at this rate.  And then Mats scored to finish the period when the Canuckswere on a 5 on 3.  Mats, who I had just been recently thinking might need a letter posted on here pleading with him to score more.  The big guy had been skating so well at the start of the game, it was like he was flirting with me through my lappytop screen, but I was playing hard to get until he scored again. 

The first period had my little defensive loving heart beating extra fast, with the Kings only getting a few shots on net. 

I had the Canucks feed tonight, and I had missed it recently because of all the road games.  It was a treat getting the Canucks feed again.  Shorty is a delight and the intermission features were lovely tonight.  Burr was interviewed and it made me giggle because we found out that a pub in Vancouver buys a round of drinks for the WHOLE bar whenever Burr scores.  I bet they started the season thinking he was going to get 10-12.  Heh.  Maybe they should have picked Willie or SOB or Johnson. 

After they interviewed Burr they played a special on Anze Kopitar and his family.  It was all kinds of adorable.  He was making pancakes and then they flashed to him wearing Homer Simpson slippers!  I have the EXACT SAME slippers.  Kopitar should call me because we’re totes soul mates or something.

The third period was totally bizarre because I was just settling down and resigning myself to a very dull finish to the game when the defence and Lui completely lost their minds for 30 seconds and let LA score twice.  Lui was…not good in that sequence.  Not at all.  Heh.  Then of course our secret weapon Hank the Tank went to work and saved the game.  I ended up giggling at the wackiness and I fully enjoyed myself.

8 consecutive wins at home and a very cool game against the Avalanche on Sunday.  That game will be the Canucks 25oth consecutive sell out.  I felt like a bitch last week when I read on a blog that the Capitals had marked their 11th consecutive sell out, and I actually laughed out loud.  But I just couldn’t help myself.  It’s also the Canucks for Kids Fund Telethon on Sunday which is a super good cause that I will probably mention in more detail in a post tomorrow.

Now it’s time to have a beer for Hank the Tank…


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