10 Things To Love On A Monday

  • The Canucks For Kids Fund Telethon raised over $800 000! for Canuck Place Children’s Hospice.  The stories about kids and players that were shown during the game were incredibly touching and heartbreaking all at once.
  • Matty Ohlund becoming the franchise defence points leader.  He’s so steady and quiet and lovely and I’m really happy the crowd gave him such a nice ovation.
  • Alex freakin Burrows.  Signing a big contract isn’t going to make this guy lazy at all.  Burr can not be stopped.  Power play, penalty kill, getting a breakaway and being a total sniper, getting dirty rebounds, getting marriage proposals from both sexes.  Burr does it all. 
  • I usually hate numbers but here’s some numbers to love.  The Canucks are 14-3-1 since the start of February.  They have a record tying 9 consecutive wins at home and could go for a record 10 tomorrow night against Dallas.
  • Matty Ohlund’s response to becoming the franchise points leader.  So modest and team first.  It’s why I adore him so.“Obviously it means I’ve played a lot of games, that’s what it means,” said the modest Swede with a smile. “At this time of year, it’s not something you think about too much. It’s just fun being a part of this group right now with the way we are playing.”
  • Hanky Panky’s goal from Friday.  And just because YouTube told me I would like it as well, the Swedish twins ad.
  • The Canucks are now only 2 points behind Chicago for home ice advantage and 5 points behind Calgary for the division.
  • The Flames lost this weekend to the Leafs 8-6.  It’s too bad that magnificent human being Olli Jokinen can’t play defence.  Hee. I love you Leafs!  Call me.
  • Matty Ohlund’s interview at the end of the game.  He was wearing suspenders!  Swooooon.  Oh and this article about him.  Double swooooooon.
  • The playoffs are coming!  And the Canucks are not fighting like dogs for the eighth spot.  This season has been so FUN compared to last year.  I may be madly in love with everyone on this roster.

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