Quotes of the Day

“I believe my record is 14-2-1 in the last 17 games”

“Like I said, all the goalies make mistakes behind the net, even the best ones in the league,” Luongo said. “So just because I make mistakes doesn’t mean it has to be amplified and suggested I don’t know how to play the puck.”

From the Vancouver Sun.

Oh Lui, you snarky little bitch!  I love you.  Damnnnnn.  I should have taken lessons from you in bitchy comebacks during high school.  Maybe this summer you can hold a goalie camp that teaches me the butterfly and snappy comebacks.  I could learn them in French and English. 

“We’re obviously not thinking we’re guaranteed a (playoff) spot, but the last week or so the leadership guys, the older guys, have been saying let’s look forward and try to climb the ladder,” Vancouver defenceman Shane O’Brien said after the game. “We’re happy with where we are, but we’d like to get home ice if we can and even push Calgary for the division. We’re going to give it our best go and see what happens.”

Also from Vancouver Sun.

RAWR.  Our leadership is badass.  Good time to be a Canucks fan. 

A new Canuck promotional poster appearing at select area SkyTrain stations features photos of forwards Ryan Kesler and Alex Burrows and the caption, The Dynamic Duo.

Which, of course, begs the question, which one is Batman?

“He looks more like Robin, I think,” Kesler said, motioning toward Burrows, who sits next to him in the Canuck dressing room. “He has the baby face and hasn’t shaved in three months.”

I guess it’s Vancouver Sun  day.

Hee! Awesome.

Hopefully my quote after the Stars game will be something like

“WOOOOOO! 10 consecutive home wins baby! Swedesssssss rawk! That’s some good green beer!”


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