10 Wins Feels Pretty Good

I hope all you darlings had a nice St. Patty’s day.  There was something delightful about celebrating my Irish heritage and getting to see the Canucks beat the Stars and set a franchise record all at once.  The fact that my favourite player got a nice video tribute and a standing ovation was just the icing on the cake. 

This article  from the Vancouver Province is perfection.  I was making noises only dogs could hear.  Usually Tony Gallagher fills me with rage but this was a lovely. 

Ohlund’s been nothing but gold since he arrived and it’s as though he’s being somewhat rewarded for all his hard work with this team on which he’s playing, in his estimation the best he’s been on in the NHL.

H/T to the Nucks Misconduct boys.

The crowd was really great last night actually.  The ovation was nice of course and the taunting of TUUUUUUURCO! TUUUUUUUURCO! was extra loud.  Love it. 

The defence had a strong game and limited Dallas’ chances and Lui made the big saves when he needed to. 

Kes scored a beauty and was everywhere on the PK.  Mats Daddy was skating much better and scored another one.  He also led the way for the Canucks to be an incredibly tasty 67% on faceoffs and went 6 for 7.  Demo has been money in the bank lately, and made a very nice move to set up Kes’ goal. 

Burr was finally held off the score sheet.  Poor button.  But he was a huge factor in the success of the PK. 

Danny Sedin is out of his scoring slump.  Maybe he got a little uncomfortable Burr was creeping up on him for the goal scoring lead.  Heh. 

Probably the one thing everyone was nervous about and not totally sold on after the trade deadline was the Canucks third line, but they were fantastic last night.  Welly, Big Bear, and Raymond looked confident and dangerous all night and their growing chemistry finally paid off on the incredibly gorgeous passing goal off the rush to make it 4-2. 

Johnson has been struggling since he came back from his finger injury.  It sounds like it never healed properly but he didn’t want to have to sit out the season.  He’s quickly become one of my favourite guys, so I was a little sad for him.  But he looked great last night.  His faceoff wins were much higher and he looked way more confident.

At the start of the season, I declared that I would be happy if the Canucks got into the playoffs.  I didn’t care if they got swept in the first round, didn’t score a goal, got beat into the ground by the Sharks, whatever.  Just making them would have been better than last year.  But now, with the Canucks playing like they are, I need to work hard to keep my expectations in check so I don’t end up completely heartbroken.  This version of the Canucks has really creeped into my heart. 

So… last night the Canucks took TOO MANY PENALTIES!  That’s never going to cut it against Detroit and San Jose.  Pathetic!  Yeah, that’s right.


One thought on “10 Wins Feels Pretty Good

  1. Yes, waaaaay too many penalties. Kinda scary thinking that the team is so undisciplined this close to the post-season. The tic tac toe goal was a BEAUT, a highlight reel goal and good to see Bernier pot it in. On a bad note, the Flames just beat the Stars, so Canucks are back a couple more points tonight

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