Adorable Pictures of the Day





So, my team is a bunch of very pretty 5 year olds?  Hee.

Poor Demo is out tonight because of that little bitch Steve Ott.  Hopefully his swollen knee is only a one game thing.  He’s been wicked with Mats Daddy and Kes.  Pyatt can fill in there short term, though anything long term and the Canucks look a lot less scary.  Feel better soon Demo!

Take 2 of Lui being a saucy little minx.

“He had more turnovers than I did tonight, so maybe you guys can write a story about that.”  Lui talking about Marty Turco after the Dallas game in the Vancouver Sun.

They could go for 11 straight home wins tonight!  I’ll be over in the Canucks FanZone liveblog.  Drop by and say hi!


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