Canucks/Stars and the Debut of Ossi Vaananen

So, I guess there’s been a little brouhaha in Vancouver over Lui’s comments on After Hours on Saturday, huh?  Ahhhh.  You have to laugh at the amazing level of insecurity with Canucks fans/media even when the going is good.  Let`s try to be nice and just say it`s part of our charm.  Do I think maybe Lui could have phrased his original comments better with slightly less attitude?  Yes.  But Lui was put on the spot and is always extremely honest.  Was it neccessary for a whole negative story to be written about it and to act like his suitcases were already packed for Detroit/Montreal?  No way.  This is what he said more recently.

I didn’t say I wanted to leave. I like Vancouver. It’s a great city, and if we have the type of team we have today in two years, I don’t see why I wouldn’t be here. I think we have a great chance to win a Cup with this team.” Le Province

Alright.  Now let`s just forget all about that and focus on the rest of the run to the playoffs.  This game against Dallas is pretty big.  Calgary won again last night, so it would be nice if the Canucks won tonight to keep pace for the division lead.  I`d also like the Canucks to climb back into 4th and get home ice advantage. 

That pretty little Ossi Vaananen finally gets to make his debut tonight.  SOB will sit.  I think other than the game against Phoenix, SOB has been quite good with Juicey Juice Bieksa.  It’s probably more ”Hey new guy, you should actually know how to play with your new teammates before the playoffs start” than ”SOB, I can’t believe you got our team on youtube and every blooper highlight reel across the country even though that pass was half Hank Sedin’s fault.”

I think I remember reading that we don’t have very much success in Dallas.  Boo.  The boys will have to play extra hard tonight. 

Oh and just in case you were starting to forget Trev Linden (for shame!) or wondering what he has been up to, there he is.  Sigh.  Even in retirement he’s a stand up gent.  I guess there’s no way we can just call him up for the playoffs, eh?


2 thoughts on “Canucks/Stars and the Debut of Ossi Vaananen

  1. I got a text that SO’B was sitting out tonight’s game and I was a little sad. The Portland Pirates are having a Shane O’Brien bobble head night on Friday. I really wish I could get one. That would be hilarious.

  2. Anne, I was a little bit sad about not seeing SOB too. But in a Vaananen by the river had to get into the lineup eventually.

    Oh my gosh! If I were anywhere near Portland I would get a Shane O’Brien bobble head in a second! That’s hilarious.

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