Canucks Just Kick More Ass When You Make Them Bleed

What a game last night, darlings.  It was kind of a blood bath.  Oh but it felt like playoff hockey.  Can we finally put to rest this silly idea that Danny and Hank aren’t tough bitches?  I mean, man.  Danny Sedin gets his face ripped apart from a high stick and goes out one shift later and scores on the power play, while he’s still bleeding enough that the refs are giving him silly looks.  Then he waits until the intermission to get sewn up.  BAD ASS.  Hank Sedin also got raked across the neck from a high stick later in the game.  You can’t hold these Swedes down. 

This little bit of post game dialogue was delightful.  From the Vancouver Province.

Luongo, the Canuck captain said. “He’s the toughest Swede in the league.”

We though that honour belonged to Canuck defenceman Mattias Ohlund.

“It did,” Luongo said. “But he lost his title.”

“I never had it,” Ohlund said, “but I’ll give it to Daniel on that one.”

Ryan Kesler also took a skate to the head.  Poor button.  He managed two goals though, so I guess he was just fine.  It was a real blood bath out there. 

I’m not going to lie, I might have laughed so hard I cried when Hordi ran Turco.  I mean, it’s not like the hit even hurt.  If Turco wants to skate that far down the ice, he should be treated like a defenceman. 

The defence was really solid.  Lui was very, very good.  Ossi Vaananen looked pretty good for not playing for so long.  He didn’t get much ice time because of the powerplays, so it was hard to really judge him. 

A really solid, gritty win.  Good job boys.  Have some cookies.



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