Friday Afternoon Link Roundup

This video of Ryan Kesler visiting EA sports in Vancouver is worth a watch.  I love his sense of humour.  He should bring out that Robin Hood goal celebration in Canucks games again.  Heh.

Here’s a sweet article about Matty Ohlund from  He’s having more fun this season than he did when he was younger.  Make sure you check out that smile.  It sounds like he kind of wants to stay around.  He’s dreammmmy.

Here’s quite an interesting article from Team1040 with quotes from Mike Gillis about the culture around the team and in Vancouver and how’s tried to change it since coming in as GM.  He’s the man with the plan.   

“My linemates [Mats Sundin, Pavol Demitra] are telling me to shave my head to match them, but I don’t know if my wife would like that too much.”  Kes in the Vancouver Province

Heh.  His wife is right, he does have nice hair.  But how rad would that be for the playoffs?  It would grow back eventually.

Lady BaBa is rumoured to be in net tonight against the Avalanche.  Let’s hope the boys play better than they did last night.  What a lazy effort that was.  Go forth and kick Colorado ass my darlings.

2 thoughts on “Friday Afternoon Link Roundup

  1. I thought the Matty article would have been the 1st thing mentioned!

    I have growing respect for Gillis, he is a very strong minded guy. He is not happy with the media and rightly so, after the mis-reporting of Loungos comments. I have to say his comments about Sundin are a little strange. To pay a guy that kind of money and not expect an on-ice reward is not money well spent. I can see his point of view on his off-ice experiance and presence, but im sure thats not the only reason for signing him.
    Maybe Im being biased and looking back to the past, but surely getting Trevor to mind-coach and and nurture the younger players would be money well spent.
    Maybe some motivational 80s dance band music would help!

  2. Steve, Heh. I was tempted to put Matty’s article first…

    Gillis impresses me as well. I’m perhaps a bit biased because I’ve met him, but I really do think he’s wicked smart and knows what he’s doing.

    I think it would be great if Trev came back to coach! Love that guy so much.

    80’s dance music always helps!

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