Happy Dance!

If totally wicked smart and kind of fetch James Mirtle is to be believed, the Canucks have clinched a playoff spot.  Wooooohooo!  Everyone do your best happy dance.  This season already rocks so much harder than last season.  I was deep into my tequila bottle this time last year.  

Huge game against the Hawks tonight.  A first round preview and a battle for home ice.  The Canucks better be skating well right from puck drop.  The Hawks are speedy and talented and are definitely not the Avalanche.  I guess you would say this is the biggest game of the season so far.  The Flames game later in April might end up topping it.

5 thoughts on “Happy Dance!

  1. We made the Hawks look like clowns or should i say goons!
    We not only fought them off the ice but played them off the ice.
    The whole franchise can be proud of the teams performance.
    I know us fans were certainly impressed!

  2. wrap, that was AWESOME!

    eyebleaf, I can’t wait for playoffs!!!!!1

    steve, I was hugely impressed with that game. Might have been the best game they played all year.

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