Canucks/Hawks. Hockey Is Amazing.


kevinbieksashhLock up your daughters. Kevin Bieksa is doing his thing.

Dustin Byfuglien: 2 Minutes for Goaltender Interference Roberto Luongo
Ben Eager: 5 Minutes for Fighting Kevin Bieksa
Kevin Bieksa: 5 Minutes for Fighting Ben Eager
Shane O’Brien: 10 Minutes for Misconduct Brent Seabrook
Ben Eager: 10 Minutes for Misconduct Kevin Bieksa
Cam Barker: 10 Minutes for Misconduct Willie Mitchell
Henrik Sedin: 2 Minutes for Holding Duncan Keith
Duncan Keith: 10 Minutes for Misconduct Alexandre Burrows
Adam Burish: 2 Minutes for Roughing Daniel Sedin (Served by Martin Havlat)
Adam Burish: 10 Minutes for Misconduct Daniel Sedin
Adam Burish: 2 Minutes for Roughing Daniel Sedin (Served by Martin Havlat)
Kevin Bieksa: 10 Minutes for Misconduct Ben Eager
Adam Burish: 2 Minutes for Roughing Daniel Sedin (Served by Martin Havlat)

That was incredibly enjoyable.  A dominant Canucks effort from top to bottom.  Especially Danny and Hank and Burr.  9 points!  They kept skating around Hawks defencemen like they were pylons.  I actually swooned at how many shots the Hawks were limited to.  Bring on the playoffs!  My ma would probably be shocked and appalled if she knew just how much I adored that line brawl.  I must have a secret well hidden violent side that only comes out when scantily clad hockey players hit each other in the face.  The Hawks learned the hard way that bad things happen when you mess with our goalie captain.  I guess it was frustrating not being able to get anything past Lui. 

Now, do the Canucks go gunning for Calgary and home ice advantage?  Or try to sit in 4th and have a good match up with the Hawks in the first round?  I think they have to go for beating Calgary.  Less travel will probably pay off in the long run.  I’m in love with hockey at this time of year!


8 thoughts on “Canucks/Hawks. Hockey Is Amazing.

  1. I’m all for a Canucks / Flames showdown. Kip & Lu make me happy. But then again watching the “Spunky Nucks” thrash on the ‘Hawks again sounds promising… *sigh* that line clash was amazing. Almost made me want to divorce my Tri-City/Spokane 2-line-brawls from earlier this year and fall in luv with this one… almost.

    What is it about hockey fights that are just so charming? I know MY mother is appalled. She just doesn’t have a clue… ;)

  2. You have to love a good hockey brawl, and that was the best in a long time.
    More to the point. We sent a message out to the rest of the league, “Dont s**t with the Canucks!”.
    What we saw was a team at 1 with one another. Sharing the thrills and spills, sharing the blood.

  3. Oh boy, every time I want to read something written by a fan madly in love with her team, and REALLY enjoying a cool hockey season, I just need to come here. Seriously, if you look through your archives, the last month or so has just been spectacularly happy. That’s great!

  4. Canadianwastaken, Canucks/Flames would be pretty damn entertaining as well. This brawl was just brimming with charm. :)

    wrap, that’s a VERY good idea! Ohlie won’t mind…

    steve, exactly! These boys are playing as a team.

    Grrrreg, that comment is so sweet! And a whole month, really? Who are these Canucks :P Nah. They’ve been good to me this season.

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