First Place Baby

It wasn’t nearly as entertaining as the Hawks game, and the third period had me a little stabby considering they didn’t have one shot on net, but the important thing is they got it done in OT and got the two points.  The good thing is the Canucks are able to win games different ways.  They can skate with the Hawks and they can play the Wild’s methodical defensive game too.  It wasn’t pretty but last game of the long road trip, I’ll take it. 

Hank Sedin has been a rock star lately.  I didn’t know he could shoot like that.  Danny Sedin’s pass was gorgeous.  I think I actually had to snap my mouth shut.  Danny was a star of the week recently, and Hank was second star of the month for March.  Do you think Danny gets jealous?  Heh.

Demo got his 300th career goal, which must have been nice.  Even though sportsnet originally called it as Kes’ goal.  Poor little Demo. 

Matty Ohlund had one snazzy defensive move where he stood up/poke checked Gaborik that had me swoooooning.

Willie Mitchell finally had a minus game.  I guess it was going to happen eventually but that was quite a streak of plus games he had since the all star break. 

Edler and Salo were really solid.  Until he took that unlucky penalty at the end of the game, I thought Salo was the best defender last night.  Fingers crossed he can stay healthy.  Edler is playing so well lately and looks way more confident than he did at the start of the season.

Bieksa has been a beast lately and hit his career high for points with 42.  In much less games this season because he was injured for several games. 

Ripper finally played a game which was so great to see.  It’s really cool that he was able to make a comeback after so long.  He looked pretty good for not having played since October.  Maybe a little rusty. 

Most importantly, first place in the NW, baby!  December 14th, the Canucks were 13 points back from Calgary.  I honestly thought the division title wasn’t going to happen.  Sure, it’s helped that Calgary has been falling apart recently, but still.  I should bake these boys some brownies.

Updated to add linkies:

TSN is giving the Canucks some major love today.  See, it’s not just me. 

Canucks clicking at the right time.

Bob McKenzie’s blog about Burr and Kes being Canucks MVPs

I would also throw Danny and Hank and Juicey Juice Bieksa and Mitchell into that MVP discussion.  Though there’s no doubt Burr and Kes have been amazing this season.  That’s probably a huge reason why the Canucks have the recent record they do, because it’s not just one or two guys.  Everyone is contributing.


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