Sad News For Taylor Pyatt

Taylor Pyatt’s fiancee Carly Bragnalo was killed in a car accident today.  My thoughts are with Taylor Pyatt, his fiancee’s family, and his own family at this difficult time.  Just a terrible tragedy.  Carly Bragnalo sounded like a lovely person.  RIP.  Hopefully Taylor Pyatt takes some comfort from seeing his family and friends back home.  His teammates and the Canucks management are definitely behind him.

“Carly was a lovely and generous young woman who shared her spirit for life with our players, their spouses and their extended families,” Gillis said in the statement. “We will support the Bragnalo family, Taylor and his entire family in any way we can during this very difficult time.”

“Obviously it’s a difficult time for the whole organization and our immediate family,” Canucks head coach Alain Vigneault of Pyatt’s loss. “Our thoughts right now go out to Taylor and his family and Carly’s family and what we’re all going to try and do here is be supportive in this very difficult time. Taylor will take whatever time he needs.”


“It’s really tough. Everyone feels really terrible in here. Our thoughts and prayers are with Taylor and his family as well as Carly’s family,” said team captain Roberto Luongo.

“Yes, I met Carly. She was a really joyful person who was high on life. Taylor loved her so much. It’s not an easy day.”

Pyatt’s dressing-room neighbour Shane O’Brien said: “We all love ‘Pysie’ in here and we’re all thinking about him. It’s just a terrible thing but, hopefully, he can get through it. Anything he needs, he’s got 20-plus guys that will go through the wall for him. We’ll get through this as a family.”

Vancouver Sun


4 thoughts on “Sad News For Taylor Pyatt

  1. “Anything he needs, he’s got 20-plus guys that will go through the wall for him. We’ll get through this as a family”

    shit, this bit made me cry.

    such sad news :(

  2. Sarah, I thought that comment was totally sweet and adorable. SOB is a good egg. It’s totally horrible, but it’s nice to know that this team is close enough to get through it.

    Thanks for commenting, Eyebleaf and mcguffers.

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