Catching Up

I’ve been a naughty blogger, eh?   They clinch a playoff spot officially and I disappear.  The Canucks ended up making me extremely grouchy on the weekend.  I had just been bragging to some friends that actually still listen to me when I ramble on about the Canucks about how freakin lovely this team is and how they’re ready to do some damage and then they came out and played like that.  Sigh.  They had a chance to make Calgary cry like little Alberta babies and they didn’t take it.  The Canucks just don’t like things to be too easy.

Luckily, Lui was an absolute fucking monster against Calgary on Tuesday.  I mean, he was probably walking around the dressing room after the game with a damn pimp cane.  I read an article by a Calgary columnist talking about how Lui hasn’t been that great during the Canucks hot streak and how they were winning in spite of him and I actually giggled out loud.  You knew Lui was going to hear about that somehow and you knew he was going to be pissed.  Even if the Canucks hadn’t won, knowing Mike Keenan was probably pulling his very little hair out would have been satisfying enough. 

Matty Ohlund was a total stud.  He hadn’t hit the scoresheet in quite a while, and then he gets two goals in the same game.  I was cooing like nobody’s business.  If these are his last few regular season games as a Canuck he’s sending me away happy.

Also, it was really great to see Ripper get on the scoresheet.  It’s pretty cool he’s been able to make a comeback after the year he’s had. 

The Kings game wasn’t nearly as exciting as the Flames game but I shouldn’t really complain.  They won and there’s still a chance they can take the division title.  The Oilers have to help us out and beat Calgary on the weekend.  Tonight’s game was a much better defensive game.  Lui was great, but he wasn’t peppered with shots this game.  Kesler was all over the ice which was fun to watch.  Sundin was the best I’ve seen him in ages and I swear he had about 10 shots on net. 

Lui set a club record for most shutouts in a season tonight.  You kind of start to think how many he would have had if he wasn’t out for so long with his injured man part.

The Canucks awards were tonight and they are SO MUCH more enjoyable when the Canucks have already safely clinched a playoff spot.  I vaguely remember hurling my sippy cup at the TV last season and drunkenly yelling for the Canucks to enjoy their stupid meaningless awards on the damn golf course.  Have I mentioned recently that this season is so much more fun than last year’s?

Cory Schneider was named AHL goalie of the year! SQUEEE.  I want Lui to stay, but it’s nice we have a bebeh Lui waiting in the wings.

I’ve been discussing playoff beards on twitter and how ladies should have an equivalent.  I don’t really want to let body hair grow, so I think I’ve decided to paint my nails Canucks colours and possibly get hair streaks.  I know it’s not really a sacrifice, but girls just don’t look fetch with scruff like the boys do.  If you have any new suggestions, you should totes leave them in the comments.

One more game to go and then it gets REALLY fun!

5 thoughts on “Catching Up

  1. “Lui set a club record for most shutouts in a season tonight. You kind of start to think how many he would have had if he wasn’t out for so long with his injured man part.”

    Yay congrats! Injuries are such a drag. That is the worst when they are on path for a record and get set back.

    And may I commend you on the wordpress picture. Two thumbs up. “Shhhh.”

  2. Since I’m officially on the Canucks playoff bandwaggon over here in Buffalo, let me know what the plan is! I can’t rock hair streaks but I’m down with nails or whatevs. Woo! And even though he hasn’t exactly changed the world, I was so happy that Big Bear got the Unsung Hero Award. LOVE!

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  4. Thanks, Dani! And yeah, that full picture of Bieksa is…delicious. Like almost impregnated me on the spot. :)

    Anne, woooo! Nails would be fun. And I thought of you when Big Bear got unsung hero. That one is chosen by the players, so they feel the same way as you :)

    Thanks for the link, Ms.Conduct! Cory is indeed very worthy of a squee.

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